Spookies Healthy Halloween Treats

Canadian moms are volunteering their porches for porch pick ups of this healthy and fun alternative to the mass produced typical Halloween treats.
Spookies are the brain child of Toronto based New Moon Kitchen.
1kg bag of Spookies contains approximately 50 of New Moon's best-selling Chocolate Chip Cookies in spelt or gluten freeoptions. The treats are: vegan, dairy and egg free, peanut and nut free, and Kosher Parve. Spookies have a shelf life of 75 days, and freeze well too.
Aside from porch pickups they also sell online (just shipped a load to Alberta) but the local families who offer their porches for pick up support New Moon Kitchen in their mission to provide a healthier Halloween that parents can feel good about.
Spookies are a healthy and ethical choice and with over 50,000 sold already they have become a cult sensation of a treat.

These cookies are absolutely delicious and such an excellent way to provide a healthy snack in between the sugar rush of the Halloween craziness! My kids are so excited to share these with their classmates in their Halloween goody bags this year! 

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