Monday 29 October 2018

What’s Hot In Outdoor Patio Designs This Year

Incorporating indoor-outdoor living has always been a challenging task for any homeowner. Since the patio is the place where every family loves to spend their evenings in warm weather, it is only logical to make it fashionable and fabulous. Each year brings new, modern and trendy designs, so if you wish to alter your existing patio or build a new one there are a few guidelines to follow. Here a few boiling designs and ideas on how to reshape and enliven your patio.

Fire Pits
If you don’t already have one installed, then you should definitely do it right away. Fire pits don't only serve for roasting marshmallows, they have become a focal point for an outdoor patio. Over the past few years, there has been an increase in customer demand to have a trendy fire pit. While giving you the opportunity to get everybody together and chill out in a breezy night while listening to the cracking of fire, fire pits also serve as a decorative tool. They come in different materials and sizes, but they mainly serve as a dazzling gathering point, so make sure that you get funky cushions and arrange a comfortable seating around it.

Open-air “room”
It is no wonder that blending indoor space with outdoor has become an ever booming trend this year. Firstly, since it is mostly comfort that we strive for, getting cozy wicker furniture with splashy patterned pillows is a must. Place a nice-sized barbecue burner, a large coffee or accent table, and add cool ornamental or vintage rugs, just make sure that materials are water-resistant. A never-ending trend is having a cool hammock at the corner of your patio for an intimate touch. Upholster furniture can also serve the same purpose and give the outdoor ambient a homey and warm feel. You can place vivid cushions all around to galvanize the life of your outdoor furniture.

Zen retreats
Being out on fresh air can already be relaxing after a hectic day, but indulging in your own little private heaven is the cherry on the top. This season many designers opt to make patios serve multiple purposes, one being trendy and cosmopolitan, another being your personal getaway, while still being easy to maintain. You can find expert patio builders who would build a unique patio that would have all those characteristics. For example, you can close off one side of your patio, add corrugated profiles and beams, and have contemporary ceiling finish in any color you desire. In that way, you can utterly escape from the outside world. Later, you can place stone lanterns, buy a small fountain, and plant evergreens that will give you enough shade and mesmerizing scent for your perfect Zen escape.

Innovative decoration
By adding signature accessories to your outdoor ambiance, you combine the functionality with the style and comfort of the outdoor experience. Placing small but distinctive ornaments brightens up the outdoor space, that is why many designers encourage those ideas. Start off by getting a vintage mosaic table, or add antique charisma to your patio by placing old-fashioned wooden chairs with retro-inspired prints. Get some great lanterns or candles, and make sure that you put a few colorful pots with cacti or succulents. Top everything up with a string of vibrant lights and a magenta Chinese lantern.

Alternative flooring
Another booming trend emerging this year is replacing plain outdoor rugs with budget-conscious flooring. One distinguished design is placing circular paver of different sizes in crushed granite to make the patio stand out. Moreover, something that has become an even bigger favorite is porcelain. Porcelain flooring is, first of all, durable, easy to install and clean, and above all, it mirrors indoor trends. Then, tiles remain timeless because they are also easy to maintain and they freshen up the patio. What will certainly be a hit this season is cobblestone. Since cobblestone come in various shapes and sizes and are used to break up large areas, they will never go out of fashion. The hot trend this year are granite and limestone cobbles. 

Trends and designs are set to be broken and topped by something innovative and new each year. Always strive for originality and ingenuity, and you will have a one-of-a-kind patio worth time and money.

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