Friday 23 December 2016

The Ghost of Home Maintenance Future: What You Need To Know

The chores list just keeps growing, and you just keep pretending it doesn't exist.

Hey - no judgement here! We've all done it. We know there is a long, seemingly endless list of things we've been meaning to do - but, well, Netflix exists? So why not just watch some more Netflix? There's always better things to do than the things we have to. It's like being back at school, ordered around and our energy demanded in certain areas - only this time, it comes internally.

Home maintenance is one of those things that goes on the to-do list. We think of all the things we should do. We tour around our home looking at all the things we should do. And then we say... no, not today. We punt it off into the forgettable tomorrow; a tomorrow which, of course, will involve us moving it to the next day.

So remember how I said no judgement? Don't worry, I meant it - this is a sin humanity as a whole is guilty of. However, I'm going to take the role of the Ghost of Christmas Future in A Christmas Carol. If you fail to…

... Clean Out Your Gutters

The water builds and builds. It's heavier with every rain shower, and then finally, something has to give. The whole guttering falls off and takes roof tiles with it. Now it's not just an annoying chore for an afternoon; it's a complete disaster that is going to rinse your home insurance to pay for.

How Often Should You Clean Them? Once per week, potentially more during fall.

... Clean Pans Out Before Washing

This applies to both if you're washing them by hand or with a dishwasher. It's even worse if you do it with fatty, oily remnants on pans - washing that down the plughole is a recipe for a nightmare. The kind of nightmare that results in your having to find out how to fix a blocked sink in the middle of the night when you should be in bed.

What Should You Tip Down The Sink? Nothing but pure liquids. Anything remotely thicker should be disposed of in the trash.

... Deal With Limescale Issues

Limescale is the result of mineral deposits in your water - it's what makes cleaning a bathroom and kitchen difficult. If left unchecked, it will grow (so to speak; it's not alive) and build up along any areas with prolonged water exposure. It's been known to kill youthful washing machines and can cause havoc in terms of aesthetics with taps.

How Do You Get Rid of It? You need a specialist product, so get scanning labels. You'll see a lot of home remedies for limescale removal, but almost none of them are as effective as a special branded product.

So yes, you've got better things to do - or at least, things that you would rather be doing. But occasionally, you are going to need to settle to those maintenance tasks - the consequences of not doing so are far too plain to see.

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