Wednesday 10 May 2017

Using Frugality To Be Fantastic

There is absolutely no way that anyone who has been living a frugal lifestyle is anything less of a hero in this day and age. It takes a certain amount of willpower, determination and an extremely keen eye to be able to move forward with you way of living and put into action. WIth so many things around us which are grabbing out for us to spend, buy and part with our money (often it’s handed over already before you realise what you’re doing), it can be hard to be money-savvy.

With that said, it can also be extremely beneficial - not just to us, but for those around us who are in need of it even more so. So just how do we go about putting our frugality into practice?

Organise A Charity Drive

You don’t have to know loads about a charity in order to be able to raise money for it. Those who have put effort into being good with their money often know the tips and tricks into saving more whilst spending less as well as being to make money with little resource. As such, you could take a look at the No Birds Bash Website for an example of just one fundraiser that you could do for the charity of your choice.

Buy For The Homeless

If you are good at getting discounts, vouchers and codes to get masses of stuff that you’re putting to one side, consider giving to the homeless. There are people out there who need basic essentials to be able to get by each day, and for those who have kept hold of things that they have either gotten for free or as part of a deal, now is your time to part with them and put them to better use. Using your frugality to get a good amount for those less fortunate than us is a great way to put your skills and knowledge to great use.

Declutter And Donate

Being frugal doesn’t mean that you have to hold on to everything in your home. It’s about knowing what you actually need versus what you want but could actually live without. Things that you know that you won’t get any use out of, or that have been standing around unused in your home for longer than a year, can find a home somewhere else. Donating to a charity or shelter near to you can see it going to a new loving home whilst benefiting the place that you have passed it on to. It will also free up space in your house for the stuff that you really do need - maybe something that you have been coveting for a while and saving up for. It’s not a shame to throw something out if you know that it’s doing fantastic work in turn for your community or the charity of your choice. Being thrifty has its ups and downs - but this is definitely an up and that you need to keep hold of and take pride in.

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