Friday 12 May 2017

Stay Feeling Like 'You' During Pregnancy and Early Motherhood

As incredible as pregnancy is, it can be really tough on your body. There are so many changes going on from a cellular, hormonal and physical level it can be tricky to keep up. Even from a psychological point of view, it can be a strange sensation knowing that you’re now sharing your body with someone else! While life will have already changed and every decision you make will likely be made considering your baby first, it’s still important to maintain your identity. So pampering yourself during pregnancy and taking steps to look your best is important and will keep you feeling happy and confident.

Choose Comfortable Yet Flattering Pieces
With an expanding midriff, getting around, lying down and generally just existing is ten times harder than it once was! For that reason, you should make things easier on yourself and choose really comfy clothes. Things that give you full freedom of movement, and aren’t making you too hot or cold. But just because pieces need to be comfortable and practical doesn’t mean they can’t look nice. Jersey dresses for example look flattering on any body shape including in pregnancy. They’re lightweight and will allow you to feel girly and feminine. In the colder months, wear with some comfy maternity leggings and a relaxed longline cardigan. Cute, flattering and easy to wear- what more could you want? Some pregnant women are lucky enough to get away with wearing their jeans for a good proportion of their pregnancy, although some stretch maternity jeggings are a good alternative. They’re comfy and give the look of jeans while still being soft, and have a panel to accommodate your growing bump. Think about your wardrobe after you’ve had your baby too. You might not be able to wear your old clothes right away, or your old style might not be suitable. Again think about cute but comfy casual pieces that are easy to throw on and will work well with your new busy lifestyle. Make sure you have plenty of pieces, with a sicky baby you may need to get changed many times in the day!

Opt For Practical Yet Cute Footwear
As well as buying maternity clothes, you might need to buy new shoes too since your feet are likely to swell during pregnancy. If this is the case, wide fit might be more comfortable for you. There’s no medical reason why you shouldn’t wear heels in pregnancy, however, they’re not the best choice of footwear. Since your center of gravity has changed, even if you were once very stable in heels you might not find it’s the case with a growing bump. The last thing you want is to fall over and end up injuring yourself or baby. When your little one is here, it makes sense to have practical footwear anyway since you’ll be so busy. Picture the scene, you’re folding down the pram, getting your baby into their car seat and loading up the trunk with groceries. Having the right pram can make this easier, for example, the Britax B Agile system allows you to easily pop the car seat on and off the pram. You could read the reviews on Britax B Agile travel system to see if it's right for you. But good pram aside, any task is going to be ten times more difficult if you’re teetering around in heels or uncomfy shoes!

Do Your Hair and Makeup
Once your baby has arrived, you might not get the time you once did to put your makeup on (especially in the beginning) so take advantage now! If you’ve gained weight in pregnancy or don’t feel like yourself, spending a few minutes curling or straightening your hair and applying a touch of makeup can make all the difference. Once your baby has arrived, if you’re lucky enough to grab a couple of minutes after a shower, going through a quick and simple routine can make you feel much better about your appearance for the rest of the day.

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