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Li’l Oliver Review

A Healthy Snack for Back to School Lunches Li’l Oliver packs a nutritional punch to keep kids attentive through the school day!   These little cups of goodness are the perfect size for lunches everywhere. The green olives are by far my favorite as the black ones are an acquired taste.  My daughter loves them all and we have shared them with other families who also enjoy the newest addition to the lunch box. Variety is hard to come by when packing lunches especially with the rising amount of food allergies. All natural, free of sugar, fat, peanuts and cholesterol and, not to mention, delicious, olives make an excellent snack.  Making it easier to enjoy the full flavours and healthy benefits of olives, Sardo Foods has introduced Li’l Oliver, pitted and pre-packed green or black olives with no artificial flavours or colours, gluten-free and no trans fats. With school back in session, the tidy Li’l Oliver cups make a perfect addition to a child’s lunch box,

Six Plant-Based Foods You Should Try Today

 The glorious thing about plant-based eating is that your grocery store or farmer’s market is full of an incredible array of foods, flavors, and textures that are just waiting to be discovered. Even a typical grocery store has a produce section that carries seasonal and ethnic foods that often get passed-over, but are convenient, inexpensive, and yummy. If you’re stuck in a rut of getting the same lettuce-tomato-onion-type foods that you always get, take a walk! Look at some of the other plant-based foods and see how you can work them into your diet. Not sure where to start? In the spirit of a number that signifies longevity, here are six plant-based foods I totally love that are healthy and tasty, but not part of the average diet. What are some delicious food discoveries you’ve made and put on your grocery list each week? Jicama Jicama, also known as a Mexican potato, is a big, heavy, brown fruit that really does look like a weird potato. The excellent thing abo

5 smart money saving strategies for spring cleaning

You are about to plan your spring cleaning and you lack great ideas for  money saving strategies? Then, this article will be an excellent guide for  coping with the entire cleaning process of your property. Nowadays, you  have a wide range of options when it comes to cleaning and disinfecting  of surfaces, and you are probably well-acquainted with the fact that most  of the commercial cleaning products are way too expensive. What is more, these cleaning products often contain strong chemicals that  can easily affect your skin by causing unpleasant irritations and even some  allergies. So, in case you search for cost-effective options for your spring  cleaning, read these lines and do not hesitate to apply these tips. There are  many natural solutions for providing effective cleaning of the rooms without  spending a fortune on supplying yourself with expensive cleaning e

Amazingly Beautiful Review & Giveaway

The amount of skincare products on the market is pretty overwhelming. Trying to find something that will do my good then harm is almost like playing Russian roulette. That's what makes Amazingly Beautiful so unique, it is not some crazy cream that tears apart your layers of skin removing more then you expected, it is feeding your skin full of nutrients adding youthful vibrance to your skin. I was very impressed while using the product to find my skin was absorbing all the oil and not looking greasy.  I highly recommend trying this product, it also makes an amazing gift with their personalized labels.  Amazingly Beautiful A. M. Moisturizer and P. M. Revitalizer – for Women Revolutionary Superior New Live Skin Care System Brings Life and  Beauty Back to Your Skin…Without ANY Chemicals. “Amazingly Beautiful” uses a rare combination of live fruit, nut and  plant extracts to feed your skin cells and promote youthful, moist, beautiful  glowing skin. Desc