Tuesday 31 January 2017


Chef Simon Bouchard brings modern romance and a touch of gourmet indulgence to life at stunning Liquidity Bistro.

Liquidity Bistro is pleased to announce an advance opening of its 2017 season with the launch of an intimate, four-day Valentine's menu. Guests may book reservations for Valentine's brunch (February 11 & 12), Valentine's dinner specials (February 10-12) and Valentine's Day dinner on February 14. With 30 acres of panoramic vineyard scenery and a bounty of fresh local ingredients for inspiration, new Executive Chef Simon Bouchard and his team have crafted a variety of inspired and exclusive menus for the Valentine's Week occasion. 

Diners can indulge in savoury tarts and pastries served alongside innovative brunch dishes, such as beef & eggs cassolette, Fraser Valley duck confit and crispy poached egg salad. Completing the meal is the signature mimosa, made with fresh orange juice and Liquidity Bubbly. On February 10-12, guests can enjoy Valentine's dinner specials inspired by the local harvest. On Tuesday, February 14, an exquisite three-course menu will be served, accompanying amuse bouches and mignardise with appetizers, mains, and sinfully sweet desserts. Guests may choose to add expert wine pairings with their courses for an additional charge. Vegetarian dishes will also be available.

With the property overlooking a spectacular vista of the vineyards, Nature Trust lands and Vaseux Lake below, Chef Bouchard's menus are as inspirational as the serenity and grandeur of the region. For chef, honouring the seasonal bounty of the South Okanagan region is an act of love unto itself. 

"I'm excited to build on the success of the award-winning culinary program at Liquidity Bistro," says Executive Chef Bouchard. "The surroundings are stunning and I'm looking forward to continuing to work with local farmers and producers and getting to know the terroir of the Okanagan Falls region."

Whilst Liquidity Bistro will be open Fridays through Sundays for lunch & dinner throughout the remainder of February, the Liquidity tasting room and bistro will officially open for the 2017 season on Thursday, March 2. Following awards garnered last year including a silver medal for the winery's 2014 Pinot Noir Estate in the prestigious Mondial des Pinots competition, a variety of new estate and reserve vintages are highly anticipated. 

Transcending food and wine by showcasing a passion for the arts, Liquidity Bistro is adding to its ever-expanding art and photography collection, including works byDavid Burdeny and Jeff Burgess. Imaginative pieces serve as stunning accents to the bistro's 48-seat dining room and are personally curated by owner Ian MacDonald. Dedicated to community involvement, Liquidity will celebrate Canada's 150 years of art and culture with a free artist lecture series scheduled throughout the year. Attendees will have the chance to meet some of the country's most famous painters, sculptors, and mixed media artists as they share and discuss their practice. Featured artists include Tim Okamura, Marie Khouri, and David Burdeny.

To book a Valentine's dining experience at Liquidity Bistro, please visitwww.opentable.com/liquidity-bistro. Reservations are recommended and are required for the Valentine's Day dinner on Tuesday, February 14 ($52 plus tax and gratuity per person). 


About Liquidity Bistro
Nestled atop a vineyard with a priceless view that could hang in one of the great galleries of the world, Liquidity Bistro reflects the winery's artistic approach to life with an eclectic selection of artwork adorning the walls and colourful vibrant dishes produced by Chef Simon Bouchard and his kitchen team. Honouring the seasons that dictate the life of the vineyard, food is freshly sourced from local farms and paired with fine wines from Liquidity and neighbouring Okanagan Falls' wineries. Come and taste true wine country cuisine at Liquidity Bistro. For more information visit Liquiditywines.com/bistro.

How To Be A Funky Frugal Mommy

We all want to live happy and healthy lifestyles. That is almost everyone’s resolution. Every mom out there wants her family healthy all the time. We want our families healthy during all seasons such as the Fall and Winter Season. After paying for all our bills we tend to be broke. But planning the right way can easily help us stay focused. Keeping your family healthy during winter can be quite hectic and so you have to do it right.

You need to make sure that your family is wrapped up. These colder months can lead to a lot of sicknesses especially for those with weak immune systems. It is therefore important to remain warm at all times. We should cover our bodies up and turn on the heaters in order to supply adequate supply of heat. A review of our personal hygiene habits should also be considered. Be sure that your family keep clean by washing their hands before touching food and visiting the washrooms. Also, make sure that you wipe surfaces with sprays and antibacterial wipes to keep them from contacting germs.

You should also watch out while handling grocery carts because this particular season is normally associated with flue. So, you’ll definitely need to wipe them down before handling them. You should make sure that your family maintains a well-balanced diet. Eating right will definitely make your immunity strong. You should get the kinds of food healthy for your family such as fruits, spinach, red bell peppers and broccoli. Make tasty recipes with these ingredients so that your family enjoys it.

 Make sure you all stay hydrated especially if your heater is on in order to avoid drying out your skin. Give your family healthy drinks and avoid chemicals. Another important thing is to have over-the-counter drugs at hand. People become sick and it is very important to be prepared. Having medicine in the house can save lives or prevent disaster from happening. Make sure your children get the necessary vaccines to be on the safe side. You can find everything you need from Grainger.com

Monday 30 January 2017

How To Apply For Child Care Subsidy in B.C.

Childcare subsidy has actually changed its name in the last couple years to the Affordable Child Care Benefit. They are increasing their rates, approving more people and making it easier to get childcare here in BC. Learn how you can save thousands by applying for the benefits you deserve.
Daycare is such a crazy topic right now. There is no spaces available anywhere and it costs an arm and a leg. One great option that is readily available in BC is that of Child Care Subsidy, and here is where you will find the answers to all of your questions regarding what the program is, and how you can apply!
Check out our amazing daycare at Little Duck Family Child Care

What is Child Care Subsidy?

You may be asking yourself, what exactly Child Care Subsidy is. Child Care Subsidy is a monthly payment that is sent to eligible families to assist them with the cost of their child care. Each monthly subsidiary payment is reflected based upon each individual family’s unique circumstance. You can choose a basic preschool setting, home daycare, large facility daycare or a Montessori style centre. Our selection for Montessori school is first academy.

Are You Eligible for Child Care Subsidy

Several of the eligibility requirements are that you must be a resident of British Columbia. You must also be a Canadian citizen, a permanent resident of Canada, a Convention refugee, or a person who is in need of protection. Additionally, you must have an eligible child care provider or arrangement which is provide in British Columbia (eligible providers are licensed, registered license not-required, license not-required or care is in your child’s own home care). Finally, you and/or your spouse must have at least one of the following reasons in which child care is needed; employment or self-employment, education programs or distance learning, unemployment or attending an employment program, a medical condition that interferes with your ability to care for your child, having a child who attends licensed preschool, or if your family has been referred by Delegated Aboriginal Agency social worker or Ministry of Children and Family Development. You may determine your eligibility by completing an application, or by using the Eligibility guideline which is available online here: Eligibility Guideline.

How to Apply for Child Care Subsidy in British Columbia

To be accepted for the Child Care Subsidy, you will have to apply by way of application, as well as will provide requested documentation that will be sent to you by Child Care Subsidy Service Center. Your current child care provider will also be asked to fill out and sign their portion of the form as well.
To begin the process be sure to start with the application, which can be found at: Childcare Subsidy Application Form.
Application submissions can be sent to:
Child Care Subsidy Service Center
PO Box 9953 Stn. Prov Govt
Victoria, BC V8W 9R3
Fax: 1-877-544-0699
Once you application has been completed and accepted the Child Care Subsidy Service Center will review your application to determine eligibility. If your family, as well as your childcare provider, is accepted, you will receive all further information in the mail regarding your monthly financial eligibility as well as the length of time of which you are granted. If you are not accepted, you will additionally receive a letter of reason(s) why your application was denied.
If your circumstances should change during the course of your Subsidy eligibility, please contact Child Care Subsidy Service Center, to inform them of the changes. Such circumstances may include a change in job, address, number of dependents, marital status, or change in income. Failure to report such changes may in turn result in an offense under the Child Care Subsidy Act and may result in the revocation of your benefits, as well as a recovery of fees that you were granted and potentially legal action.
For further information, be sure to visit: BC Childcare Subsidy Information.
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Friday 27 January 2017

Double Cash Back All Weekend Long!

Do you have shopping to do this weekend? If so, it's a great time to use Swagbucks and earn cash back for your purchases. From Friday through Sunday, they're doubling the cash back in all of their stores! It's really simple to use:

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This year I saved over $500 on my Christmas shopping by using Swagbucks to earn gift cards to shop on Amazon. That is a huge amount of money to save around Christmas time. You to can save if you sign up and start using Swagbucks everyday.

Thursday 26 January 2017

Get Remarkable Looking Skin With DERMAFLASH

DERMAFLASH, a revolutionary at-home professional quality facial exfoliating device, is proud to announce a new online retail partnership with Ulta Beauty, the largest beauty retailer in the United States.
DERMAFLASH is an exfoliating device specifically created for the delicate skin on a woman’s face. This little magic wand removes dead skin cells and built up debris from the skin’s surface, while also getting rid of peach fuzz. DERMAFLASH instantly reveals smooth, radiant, camera-ready skin.
Inventor & founder Dara Levy owned a high-end med spa and sold over 6,000 dermaplaning treatments in five years. Dara loved how radiant her clients looked after a treatment and noticed an amazing difference in their conīŦdence level. She had an epiphany that an at-home dermaplaning solution did not exist. She immediately got to work and spent the next three years researching and developing DERMAFLASH and the proprietary Edge system. DERMAFLASH now brings you HOLY S#!T SKIN IN JUST THREE STEPS.

DERMAFLASH enables all women to deal with their skincare issues on their own schedule in the privacy and comfort of their own homes. “Our skin cells turn over every 28 days. If we do not exfoliate, those cells build up and lead to a drab and dull complexion. This buildup impedes our skincare from doing its work and pesky peach fuzz gets in the way of flawless makeup application. When we remove the buildup on our faces, we instantly reveal the soft, smooth, luminous skin underneath,” shares Dara Levy (founder, inventor). As Dara always says, “The skin you want is lying just beneath the skin you see!”
DERMAFLASH & Dara are focused on creating a new standard in beauty & EMPOWERING WOMEN. “I am thrilled to launch DERMAFLASH on Ulta.com and excited to bring our technology, in a bright new color, directly to the Ulta Beauty guest,” raves Dara. “Healthy, glowing skin makes every woman feel beautiful and DERMAFLASH takes you From Fuzzy To Fabulous In A Flash!”
Feeling is believing. Click here to see DERMAFLASH in use.

DERMAFLASH is a non-invasive at-home exfoliating device, inspired by both the in spa dermaplaning facial and the majesty of the hummingbird. The subtle sonic vibration gently mimics the flutter and vibration of the hummingbird’s wings.  The hummingbird is agile and glides effortlessly left, right, backwards and upside down, just like DERMAFLASH.
#DERMAFLASH #YouGlowGirl #FlashSquad

About Ulta Beauty
Ulta Beauty (NASDAQ: ULTA) is the largest beauty retailer in the United States and the premier beauty destination for cosmetics, fragrance, skin care products, hair care products and salon services. Since opening its first store in 1990, Ulta Beauty has grown to become the top national retailer providing All Things Beauty, All in One Place™. The Company offers more than 20,000 products from over 500 well-established and emerging beauty brands across all categories and price points, including Ulta Beauty’s own private label. Ulta Beauty also offers a full-service salon in every store featuring hair, skin and brow services. Ulta Beauty is recognized for its commitment to personalized service, fun and inviting stores and its industry-leading Ultamate Rewards loyalty program. As of October 29, 2016 Ulta Beauty operates 949 retail stores across 48 states and the District of Columbia and also distributes its products through its website, which includes a collection of tips, tutorials and social content. For more information, visit www.ulta.com.

Party Hard: Party Happy

Celebrations are such important things. They are an essential way of marking a milestone in your families lives, and they bring everyone together in such a positive way. But they can also be seriously hard work. There is the stress of organizing them. As well as the cost, and the worry that everything will go right on the day. But there are some ways you can have an awesome celebration without tearing your hair out. Read on to find out what they are.


A great party starts with clever planning. Get this part right, and you are setting up the foundations for a fantastic event. But what do you need to consider when planning a party?


Well, first of all, you want to fix a date. If there is anyone that you definitely want to attend, make sure you check with them first that they are free.

Then you need to set your venue. For most folks, this will be their home or garden. But for a larger get-together, it might be better to hire a town hall or similar place.

Lastly, you want to work out the timing of what will be having during the celebration. It is a good idea to set a start and finish time, even if this is just a loose guide. As it will stop people turning up too early, or outstaying their welcome. It is also useful to do a time plan because you can work out when you will serve food and refreshments, and when you will fit in any entertainment you want to include.


Next, you need to consider supplies. Party supplies can actually be quite expensive, especially if you have a very distinct idea of the theme that you want to create.

However, by being organized ahead of time, you can use the internet to locate the best prices for items. Such as cups, bowls, and plates, as well as any decorations that you want to buy.


Talking of decorations, buying them isn't the only option. It is quite possible to make them successfully too.


Of course, it will depend on the type of party you're having, as to what decorations you will actually make. For example, for a wedding celebration, you might want to create some classic paper pom-poms and decorate the table with wildflowers. Whereas for a kid's party, you can choose things that are a bit more fun such as this Elsa pinata, paper chains, and streamers.


An aspect that many people can find stressful when organizing a party is the cost. Everything that you need to buy, even if you are making the food from scratch, can run into a serious amount of money. But there are a few ways of minimizing the effect of this cost, on the person funding it all.

Firstly you can ask everyone to chip in, if appropriate. You can split the cost down the middle, or you can request that different folks bring different items on the day. Such as soft drinks, snack, and alcohol.

Or you can prepare to absorb the extra cost by raising a little extra money before you go ahead with the planning. There are a lot of ways to do this. You can sell some second-hand items on an auction site. Or you can join a survey site such as Swagbucks. Or, how about visiting your local pawnshop? There you can secure a loan against something of high value and have the chance to buy it back later when you have the money. You can even kill two birds with one stone, and get a great deal on a gift for the person on honor at your celebration.


No party is going to be fun without food and drink. What and how much of it you are providing needs to be considering carefully. The biggest mistake that people make when they are hosting a party is that they don't provide enough refreshments. Bare in mind that many a wonderful party has ended too soon because the drink and vittles have run out! So don't like this happen to you!


That is why it is vital that there are enough food and drink for the number of guests that will be attending. If you are serving only hors d'oeuvres make sure that there are at least 12-15 pieces per person. You will also need 1 drink per person, per hour, plus another one for good measure.

Also, don't forget to provide alcohol-free soft drink for drivers and those that are abstaining. Similarly, it is also important that if you are serving dishes that some people are allergic to like seafood, that you ensure there is an allergy safe option.

Wednesday 25 January 2017

Foolproof Action Plan to Getting & Staying Healthy This Year

Do you want this year to be the year you actually keep your New Year’s Resolution to achieve better and healthier habits? 
“It’s the ultimate personal challenge,” says Leigh Stringer, author of The Healthy Workplace. "It takes guts and determination to make and keep those life-changing commitments in our lives, but it can be done.” Stringer offers up 5 major reasons we fail, and how to stay on track:
1.      Get Serious. We need a strong reason to overcome our natural lack of motivation.
Becoming healthier is a really good idea.  But to get us to change our behavior – to actually change the way we eat, move, sleep and manage our stress on an ongoing basis – requires a really powerful motivator.  We need a reason that makes it “absolutely essential” for us to do something differently, and think of ourselves differently.  Our lame excuses need to be trumped by a greater calling.  We need a real sense of urgency and a stronger “why.”
Deciding to be healthy has to be more than just a cool thing to do or a “nice to have.”  Making the firm decision to change lifelong habits for the better requires steely resolve and a strong, unquestionable purpose.  It has to be bullet-proof.
Take Action:
·         Think.  What would incentivize you to make a firm decision and commit to it? 
·         Write down what motivates you and post it where you will see it several times a day.  This is your “why.”  A strong ‘why’ can navigate when the how is not so clear.
2.      Choose friends wisely. You can influence your own behavior by hanging out with healthy people.
Social influence and peer pressure positively impact our exercise behavior, awareness of our intent to exercise and produce results, and the attitude maintained during the exercise experience.  You are more likely to stay on an exercise program if you have a friend (either an individual or group) who works out with you.  Connecting with other people is critical.  We are hard-wired to want to impress and relate to our friends. In addition, if you commit to being at the gym every day, you will feel good and will achieve your goals by keeping your promise to yourself.
Take Action:
·         Find a friend you like to exercise with and set up meetings on your calendar to do so. Make friends with people you meet at the health club.
·         Surround yourself with people who are healthy and have already adopted the behaviors you are trying to achieve.  Decide to be around them often. It will help nudge you to make better decisions and achieve your goals.
3.      Be accountable. Get a partner to help you stay that way.
If you are accountable for the commitments you make, you are much more likely to achieve your goals and succeed.   One great way to keep honest is to find an accountability partner – someone you trust and who will check in with you on a regular basis (daily, weekly or whatever is needed) to see how you are doing, give you positive reinforcement, track how well you doing, and encourage you to stick with your commitments.
Take Action:
·         Find someone you trust to be your accountability partner.
·         Talk to them about your goals and specific objectives.
·         Get specific with them about actions you will want to take as well as rewards and consequences for taking or not taking them
·         Set up regular check-in times. This can be a text message, a periodic but regular encounter, or a phone call, whatever makes sense.
·         Review your progress and your goals and objectives honestly to track your performance, and modify your targets. Keep your goals ambitious but attainable.
4.      Make Getting Healthy a Game. Sticking to your goals and resolutions isn’t very fun, but technology can help make it fun.
Do your best to make getting healthy fun. You can turn your journey into a game and adorn your arms and body with wearable devices that help motivate, engage and prompt you to make better decisions.  Apply video game-thinking and game dynamics to engage yourself and change your behavior. The technology is available and has really evolved. You can turn any goal or objective you want into a game-like activity  that will become ever more desirable and highly addictive.  Gaming is now understood as a significant way to encourage people to adopt more healthy behavior. Two of the most powerful elements are competition and progressive reinforcement, where a player gets a challenge, meets that challenge and then receives an immediate reward for its accomplishment. Retained engagement is known to produce 90% improvements on start to finish challenges. 
Take Action:
Here are a few more apps you can try:
·         Pact, funded by the founder of Guitar Hero, helps you make pacts with yourself to regularly exercise and eat healthily, and you are paid in real dollars to do so.
·         LifeTick is a goal-tracking app that asks you establish your core values, then follow the S.M.A.R.T (specific, measurable, assignable, realistic, time-specific) goal-setting method to create tasks or steps that are required to achieve your goal.
·         Habit List helps you track your “streaks” – how many times in a row you completed a habit, and will send you reminders to keep you on track.
·         Lift allows you to choose your goals and then select the type of coaching you require: advice, motivation, and/or prompting from the Lift community.
·         StickK, developed by Yale University economists, requires you to sign a commitment contract which binds you to a goal. It will cost you real money if you fail to reach it.
5.      Pay Attention to your Environment. It may be working against you.
Your environment greatly influences the decisions you make about your health. To the maximum extent possible, take a careful look around, and if necessary, change what you see, hear, smell, taste, and feel.  Choose to keep your personal space clean of the enticements that will destroy your ability to achieve your goals. Clean your kitchen and your will be 44 percent less likely to snack than if your kitchen is messy.  You will eat less if your kitchen is stocked with smaller vs. bigger plates (ideal is 8-10 inches in diameter).  
Take Action:
·         Pay attention to how your environment can sabotage your goals and objectives.  Don’t set yourself up for failure by keeping potato chips in an easy-to-reach cabinet. Move them or get rid of them and place them on the forbidden list.   Look at your home and work settings with fresh eyes, and put away (or throw away) anything that you are to giving up. 
·         Strategically place healthy snacks, running shoes or other prompts in prominent places to encourage you to make good on your commitments.
Choosing one of these strategies is probably not enough.  You will most likely keep commitments if you employ “multiple interventions,” including strategies that intrinsically and extrinsically motivate your behavior.    

Leigh Stringer
List $ 27.97
Trade hardcover 256 pages
Publisher: AMACOM (July 19, 2016)
ISBN-10: 0814437435  ISBN-13: 978-0814437438
For more information, please visit www.leighstringer.com
The Healthy Workplace utilizes real life and real time research and studies to prove that it pays to invest in people's well-being.  Leigh Stringer reveals how to: create a healthier, more energizing environment; reduce stress to enhance concentration. She explains how to inspire movement at work, use choice architecture to encourage beneficial behaviors; support better sleep; heighten productivity without adding hours to the workday. The book is filled with strategies and tips for immediate improvement and guidelines for building a long-term plan. The Healthy Workplace is designed to help boost both employee well-being and the bottom line.
About Leigh Stringer

Leigh Stringer, LEED AP, is a workplace strategy expert and researcher. Her work has been covered by national media, including CNN, USA Today, the Wall Street Journal and Good Morning America.
She works for EYP, an architecture, engineering and building technology firm. 
She is the author of the bestselling book, The Green Workplace: Sustainable Strategies that Benefit Employees, the Environment and the Bottom Line (Palgrave MacMillan) and The Healthy Workplace:  How to Improve the Well-Being of Your Employees—and Boost Your Company’s Bottom Line (AMACOM).
Leigh is currently collaborating with Harvard University’s School of Public Health, the Center for Active Design in New York, the International Facility Management Association and the AIA DC Chapter on Health and Well-being to create new tools to connect like minds and to blur the boundaries across industries in order to advance and improve our well-being at work.  She is a regular contributor to Susan Cain’s Quiet Revolution Blog and Work Design Magazine.  Leigh regularly speaks at U.S. Green Building Council, CoreNet Global, the International Facilities Management Association and American Institute of Architecture events and writes for a number of workplace and real estate magazines and journals, along with her blog, LeighStringer.com.
Leigh has a Bachelor of Arts, a Masters of Architecture and an MBA from Washington University in St. Louis. Leigh lives with her husband and two daughters in Washington, DC.
What People Are Saying
“Leigh is clearly on the cutting edge of the revolution that is occurring between workplace health and business performance.  The Healthy Workplace is research based, immensely practical and filled with genuine insights.”
-          Jim Loehr, co-founder of the Human Performance Institute and renowned performance psychologist
“We’ve spent so much time trying to make people happier at work, neglecting how to make them healthier. Stringer combines the best thinking from physiology, psychology, nutrition, and sleep science into practical advice. This is a great read on a critically important topic—a must-have for anyone concerned with waistlines and bottom lines.”
-          Adam Grant, Wharton professor and New York Times bestselling author of ORIGINALS and GIVE AND TAKE
“Leigh goes far beyond ROI and productivity and digs deep into unseen benefits of workplace wellness in The Healthy Workplace. Autonomy, creativity, mindfulness, and reduced presenteeism are just a few ways your culture will benefit from various workplace health initiatives. If you are looking to start a workplace wellness program or simply want to be inspired and re-ignite your population, this book will be an imperative tool so start reading and get out there and change some lives.”
-          Sam Whiteside, Chief Wellness Officer, The Motley Fool
“If you pick books that offer both learning and enjoyment, Stringer’s writing delivers mightily on both. You’ll learn why the Huffington Post has napping rooms, why we have a preference for ‘savanna landscapes,’ and what ‘acres of neutral colored work stations’ do to workforce performance. Stringer offers many long lists of practical methods workplace wellness readers can take to people managers, facilities managers and food managers alike to make their workplace a healthy one. I urge you to read it!”
-          Paul E. Terry, Ph.D., President and CEO of the Health Enhancement Research Organization (HERO) and Editor, The American Journal of Health Promotion
“Whether you seldom think about the interplay between healthy lives and healthy business or you live and breathe it, this book provides a new way of thinking about the connections between psychology and sociology, medicine and health promotion, architectural design, management science and the history of industrialization.  Stringer convinces us like no other about the business case for raising human health and performance. Through insightful reporting of the research and company anecdotes, sprinkled with her wit and candor, Stringer challenges us to think differently and deliberately about designing healthier work organizations.  This book is for everyone who wants to unlock the potential of work for good!”
-          Eileen McNeely, PhD, MS, RNC, Co-Director, SHINE Center for Health and the Global Environment, Harvard School of Public Health

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