Wednesday 23 November 2022

How Can You Make Thousands Affiliate Marketing?

 I always wondered how so many people were able to quit their jobs and stay at home making thousands of dollars just doing affiliate marketing? Is there any truth to these crazy claims? Can you really quit your 9-5 job to post affiliate links and take in a commission? 

Yes you can!

Well I can tell you that it is possible to make money Affiliate marketing and you don’t have to hit your job and do it full time. I am a part time affiliate and I make a couple thousand each month. This is with only a few hours on and off throughout the day because I run my own business and have 3 kids. I have to work 10 hours a day aside from affiliate marketing because I run a daycare from my home but if I could dedicate more time to affiliate marketing I could make a lot of cash!

Start small!

So how can someone make money as an affiliate? Well first you need to realize what you’re doing as an affiliate. You are advertising brands, products and companies by sharing their links on your blog, website, social account and so much more! You do not need to be a blogger or have a website to do it either. You simply need social media accounts. Share the links and earn a commission that’s it. 

My favourite affiliate program is Shareasale!

Join, Earn Cash!

Sharesale has a huge merchant database filled with different niches for you to promote! Everything you can imagine from website development, fashion, accessories, gift ideas and so much more. 

Pick your niche!

I have promoted different fashion accessories within blog posts, tweets, and  Pinterest boards or Instagram posts. Many of these social shares have gotten me a decent amount of traffic. Having a simple social channel for sharing affiliate links is one of the best things you can do. 

I do suggest signing up for as your main affiliate program and use Amazon Associates as your buffer. You can create a decent income using the two affiliate programs together. 

Get trendy!

The best thing you can do is stay on top of trends, read helpful articles that teach you about affiliate marketing and keep plugging away and you will see the profits rolling in soon enough. Affiliate marketing is an easy passive income if your willing to put the work in to get started, it doesn’t happen on its own so be prepared to work for a while until you see the results you were hoping for. 

Follow the rules!

Remember to follow the rules for affiliates and advertisers for each social platform to ensure you don’t get banned or blocked or put in a time out for not following the rules. Some people create special accounts separate from their personal accounts just in case and others make sure to only post periodically and follow the rules. 

Have fun!

Whichever you choose have fun with it and make unique content that people enjoy and you will soon be raking in the dough! 

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