Friday 14 July 2023

Cellophane Butterly Wings

The sun is shining and it’s such a great time to take beautiful pictures. I love to create fun and unique photos with my daycare kids, family, and pets and it is always appreciated by the parents and it’s such a fun way to create memories. Recently I seen a post where a woman made cellophane wings for her daughter and let the sun shine through so I had to give it a try! 

I freehand cut some wing shapes from a cardboard box and started creating a stained glass effect with cellophane and clear tape.

Then I took pieces of the box and created a connection at the back for the wings to sit in between shoulders as well. I used string to attach the wings on each child and tried to get them to stand as still as I could. 

Stand the child in a spot where the sun shines up and over and you have some pretty cute pics and a neat crafty way to create some memories! 

I ordered this huge pack of cellophane off Amazon so we did some other cool crafts with it as well and I will be planning a few more! 

I can’t wait to create some more fun sun crafts with this cellophane and my Cricut machine. The pics will be adorable!

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