Saturday 2 March 2013

St. Patricks Day Glossy Rainbow

For today we did our own St. Patties Day decorations to keep the kids busy and try and make my little guy feel better, he loves to paint. 

I recently read this cute post on for making a shiny rainbow by painting with corn syrup and food coloring. So we did that today and kept things simple:

You will need:

blank paper
corn syrup
food coloring
paint brushes or q-tips
cotton balls (optional)

1. Begin by adding dollops of corn syrup either in seperate bowls or on a plate. In each dollop of syrup add food coloring and stir. Use more or less depending on how dark you want your colors.

2. Let the fun begin by letting your kids paint their rainbows, or whatever you or they feel like painting. I chose a rainbow because I am trying to stick with the st. patties theme. But you can use this method to paint anything you like. It looks stunning when it dries, its so shiny.

3. Let dry and enjoy your artwork. Be careful though because it is syrup it will never completely dry out. It will remain sticky. 

That's my rainbow and my sons. My daughter went the freestyle route. Hope you had some fun today!

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