Thursday 11 April 2013

OMG Review...

Wow! That was my first response to trying OMG's candy. I got to review each flavor. They are all so ridiculously addicting it is not even funny. They are these clusters of chocolate and graham pieces, toffee bits, and slivered almonds. They come in milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and peanut. OMG is the perfect name for these delectable delights. My kids and I have eaten a bag of each kind already and cant seem to stop, one cluster at a time we slowly reach the bottom of the bag. They are 130 calories per 5 pieces so they are very decadent treats you probably shouldn't eat like they are going out of style. But for all of the chocoholics out there and ladies who need a soothing nibble when that grumpy time of month rolls by, change your expression from WTF?! to OMG! And become one with the cluster, it will melt your problems away with pure satisfaction!
OMG's can be found in your local grocery store for under 4 dollars a bag. Which is definitely a good thing because you are going to need more then one bag I promise.
I am going to try mixing these into vanilla ice cream for a tasty treat as well as using them to make an ice cream cake. I am super excited to try it! I will post the recipe and instructions this month sometime! For more information visit!
Another OMG moment of mine lately is snapping photos of my growing baby, he is getting bigger everyday, its so sad :( But wow is he ever a cutie pie. I was thinking I might submit his photo into some cute kid contests. Look at those chubby little cheeks!
It is getting close to garden time! I am going to have a lot of fun with my new patch. I will be posting all about what I'm planting how I'm doing it etc. I am a complete newbie at gardening. The most I ever did was help my grandma water and pick. So this could get interesting! I want to start my garden off right and was just reading that seaweed makes amazing soil conditioner. There are 2 ways of using it. One way is to dig it into your garden beds in the fall and it will do its thing over the winter months or if you want to use it in the spring/summer you can steep it like tea, add it to a pot, boil, remove seaweed, let water cool, then water your plants with it. So if you live by the ocean give it a try, or if your like me and live by a giant lake with seaweed go for it! Have fun!

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