Tuesday 2 April 2013

Post Cereal Review and Our Easter Fun!

I was lucky enough to be able to do a review on my favorite Post cereals this week. The wonderful product manager at Post, Amy Bernstein was lovely enough to provide me with 3 of my most favorite cereals. Honeycomb, Shreddies, and Alphabits! My kids could eat this cereal for every meal. I love Honeycomb for breakfast or in a baggy for the kids to snack on when we are on the go. It is perfectly balanced with sweetness and the perfect texture. It stays crunchy until the end of the bowl which is fantastic. Shreddies are amazing anytime of day my kids like when I slice up bananas and strawberries into their cereal. I love taking Shreddies in baggies for myself to snack on. Alphabits is such a fun cereal, my kids like naming the letters as they eat them. I like how I never have to add sugar to these cereals to get my kids to eat them. They eat them up with smiling faces and can rest easy knowing they are getting a nutritious breakfast. They are made with whole grains, low in fat, free of trans fat and a source of 7 essential nutrients. Only 120 calories per 1 1/4 cup. If you haven't tried one or all of these fantastic cereals I suggest you do. You will not be disappointed. For more information visit www.postfoods.ca!

We had an awesome Easter Sunday! I hope you did to. First thing in the morning we went into the backyard and found eggs and baskets the wonderful Easter Bunny left us. Then we went to the West Kelowna Easter Eggstravaganza! This event is hosted by many local businesses in West Kelowna and all proceeds go to the West Kelowna food bank.  We go every year and it seems to get better each year! This year we got free hot dogs, apple juice, coloring books, did crafts, pet animals at the petting zoo, did a bean bag toss, ring toss, saw Sammy the fire bear, and the Easter Bunny, and then there was the giant Easter egg hunt!

This is the tent that had all the prize baskets. In the big Easter egg hunt there are 27 golden eggs hidden amongst all the other eggs and if you find one you win a basket. No golden eggs for us, but we still had a blast!

This is what the field looked like with all the eggs scattered around on it! Sadly the kids are so ridiculously excited when the Easter bunny comes to give the go ahead that this year they never even waited for him to blow the horn. We started giving Mr. Bunny a round of applause and as soon as those kids heard that they started running into the field. It wasn't really fair to the rest of the kids that waited so patiently. So as soon as those kids started everyone else followed. My kids got around 10+ eggs each.

These are the bunny whiskers they got to make there! So cute!


Brooke was terrified of the big bear and the Easter bunny. She was happy just to say goodbye to them and that's it!

Then after all the festivities we ran into our friends and had a short chat. Then it was a long walk home in the hot sun. Wow is spring ever here fast. It was almost 20 degrees out!

Yesterday morning we got to bust open the piƱata. They each got a couple good cracks at it before it smashed to the ground. They have so much candy its ridiculous. I am going to figure out something creative to do with it.

I got an awesome email from I can teach my child about creative uses for all those plastic eggs you got over the weekend! Check it out here.
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