Monday, 30 September 2013

DIY Halloween Tombstones!

This is a fun project for the kids and everyone else to. All it takes is:

An empty box
 packing paper
sponges, and paint brushes

First crinkle your packaging paper so it has some texture to it. Then wrap your box like a gift, don't worry if it isn't perfect your going to be painting over it. 

Next put on a coat of white paint and let dry.

 Once the first coat is dry add a coat of dark grey (I didn't have any grey so I made dark purple instead) Use a sponge to apply this coat so it gets a stone look.

Let that dry and then you can either continue with another coat just a couple shades lighter like I did (add white to the darker color) Or you can keep it dark. 

Once it is dry add your artistic touch and create your tombstone. I thought this one was funny. And now you have your very own amazing and super simple tombstone. You can create a whole graveyard if you want and keep them outside but you would need to apply a clear coat to weatherproof them!

Please vote for my Aviva Community Fund! Our Youth Centre burnt down and we desperately need a new one. We have a lot of at risk youth here with no place to go. Our youth centre provided a free meal to all the youth who attended here as well as a nice warm place to hang out in a safe environment. All I need is your votes and we can get a fund to build a new centre!

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