DIY Garbage Bag Rats!

So I have been looking into making some unique and interesting Halloween decorations and I noticed that rats take part in many Halloween displays, well what else works better than a black garbage bag? Here is how I created my rats.
Cut both bottom corners of your garbage bag to make two rat bodies. They should be cut to look like cones or party hats. Use the remaining garbage bag to stuff the rats bodies.
Grab the bag in the centre, leaving the body nice and full and begin wrapping it in tape to create the tail.
Now you have a perfect rat body. I used minimal embellishments to show you the basics but you can push these as far as you want with great big rat teeth, feet and pointy ears.
I think they are cute. They fit right in with all the rest of my decor. I am racking my brain trying to come up with more original pieces for myself and you!


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