Monday 4 November 2013

Pumpkin Bird Feeder and Guest Post Swap!

So I had a bunch of leftover pumpkins from Halloween that never got carved and thought I needed to do something really wild and cool with them! I love bird feeders and sculptures so I combined the two.

 I had this old pole from a closet sitting in my laundry room so I went to work with some crazy freestyle carving.
 Start with funky fun edges and just go crazy!
 After all was said and done I got this awesome stacked pumpkin sculpture that I will pound into the ground so it can stand freely and fill it with birdseed! I wasn't sure if birds ate pumpkin seeds so I just scooped most of them out! I like it! What do you think?

I joined another cool swap from Chaotic Goddess swaps! It is a guest post swap. I get to swap posts with another blogger which will give me more exposure and as well bring a new face over to my neck of the woods! So exciting! If you want to join or see what these swaps are all about check them out via the big button below!

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