Saturday, 8 February 2014

Confessions of a Zombie Slayer: A Daisy Daniels Novel (Part 1) Review

Confessions of a Zombie Slayer: A Daisy Daniels Novel (Part 1) 

I love zombie movies and zombie books, my 3 favorite zombie movies are 28 Days Later, Dawn Of The Dead, and Resident Evil. This book takes me right back to my couch watching a movie full of suspense and thrills. When I began reading this book I instantly became addicted to it. I caught myself up last night around 1 A.M. thinking to myself, just one more page and then again, just one more page. This morning I finished it and can't wait for the next novel! Here is some information on the awesome book:

Confessions of a Zombie Slayer: A Daisy Daniels Novel (Part 1)  by

Daisy Daniels is no stranger to terror. Her mother’s brutal murder and her job as a horror movie actress have taught her to be prepared for anything. But there’s no preparing for the horrific zombie outbreak that’s wiped out cities and towns overnight and stolen her family and friends.

She and several other survivors flee to government Area 51, hoping to find safety. Along the way, she flirts with romance when she is torn between two handsome strangers.

Area 51 doesn't turn out to be the haven Daisy expected. More danger lurks, along with the answer to a haunting mystery. Will she survive the truth and find love along the way? Or will the living dead destroy her, along with the rest of civilization?

Sounds pretty amazing right? The way she describes the zombies makes you feel like your really there getting blood dripped on you, you  feel like your around the corner listening to the gurgling noise of the crazed zombies coming after you. Great storyline and great characters!  

You can buy a copy of this awesome book from Amazon and read it right on your computer using Kindle Cloud Reader if you don't have a tablet or e reader device. It is only $0.99 right now so buy it while it's cheap because this book is going to get popular fast and the price will rise! 

Check it out here:


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