Thursday 27 February 2014

Shamrock Bouquet!

I'm not the biggest fan of St. Patricks Day. But since it's the only special event we have in March besides my daughters birthday which is the day after, I suppose it would be nice to celebrate it and do some special stuff. I really enjoy holidays  so every single one counts in some way whether it's big or small.

So my first St. Patricks Day craft was this adorable shamrock bouquet. All I did was print some cute shamrocks using my printer and google to find the perfect picture of Shamrocks. Then I cut them out and stuck them on straws. To get the bouquet affect of different lengths I used different amounts of straws connected together. I really like how it turned out. Stay tuned over the next couple weeks because I will be doing different creative St. Patricks Day crafts as well as simple party preparations for my daughters 4th birthday!

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