Lovable Labels Ultimate Camp Pack Review and Giveaway!

I absolutely could not live without my lovable labels! My kids are entering the school system and there are a lot of kids with the same stuff as them. I had my son come home with two left boots during the winter because I didn't label them. I won't be doing that again. It is amazing what those labels go through. My product will break before the label does. Lovable labels is going to give my readers a chance to win an Ultimate Camp Pack!

Description: Best Value! Keep your kids' things out of the lost and found bin with the Ultimate Camp Pack! It's fast and easy to label backpacks, water bottles, clothing, shoes, toiletries and so much more!

Price: $39.95
Colors: Available in 21 designs / Colors and 45 Icons

Features: Dishwasher and Microwave Safe, Waterproof, UV Resistant, Peel & Stick

The ultimate camp pack includes:

Now for the giveaway! 


If you would rather just buy your own don't forget to use this coupon code: 

Visit http://www.lovablelabels.ca/ today to see all the other awesome products they have!

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