Tuesday 18 March 2014

My 4 Year Old Princess!

My little girl is 4 today, yep I am going to say what every parent in the world says. Where does the time go? It has been quite the ride so far and boy has she ever got an attitude on her. She is a gorgeous girl and usually she is pretty sweet. But as she ages I see her sassy attitude emerge more and more, it makes me dread the teen years! But that is a long time from now so I am going to enjoy my little miss sassy pants while she is still small enough to pick up and hug into submission. For her party I am simply having a good old play date with all her little friends at our house, with cake and gifts and goodie bags. For decor I found a ton of stuff at the thrift store costing me a whopping $2.00 and for the rest I found some super neat printables online. We are going with a pink minnie mouse theme.  Her party is on Saturday so I will show you what I am working on for decor and such until the big day.  Here are a couple of items:


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