Thursday 13 March 2014

Rainbow and Clouds for Dessert!

Have you ever wanted to eat a rainbow? I know my kids were super excited when I told them we were having a rainbow and clouds for dessert. I have every color in there although it is difficult to see. I wish I had a big clear glass bowl to show you how amazing it looked. I tried hard to lay it nicely in the bowl but it flopped over :( 

Anyways all you need is 6 packages of jello and a lot of patience, it took me a day of waiting and making jello to create this dessert. Start by making the first package of jello, I started with purple to create the perfect rainbow. Let it set almost completely before starting the next package in a separate bowl. Let the second package cool but not set and then pour it on top of the first layer, which should be almost completely set. Repeat those exact steps until your rainbow is complete! And then use some mini marshmallows or whipped cream for the clouds.

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