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5 Ways To Add Relaxation To Your Day

Life can be crazy, and I go days and days without a break and the only way I get by is by sneaking relaxation into my daily duties. I have 3 kids and watch numerous others so slipping in some me time is very important. Here are ways to give yourself a break even while working your butt off: Have a Picnic : Kids love picnics and they can be extremely relaxing even with little kids. Make sure you have the exact right spot like your backyard or a easily accessible park for the kids to play and let you sit and relax. Before you know it lunch will be calm and cool while the kids enjoy themselves. Play Eye Spy : When your walking with kids, driving, or taking a bus nothing makes them calm and quiet quite like a game of eye spy. My 4 year old daughter will play this game for hours and it keeps her in a great mood while we travel from point A to point B.  Read a Story : I love reading books with my kids and they love when I do it. Another excellent way to make sure you get som

The Pencil StacheTATS Review and Giveaway!

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.   Mustaches are so popular nowadays its so funny. I think they are silly and it is fun to use them if you feel like goofing around. As part of my reputation for being a super fun daycare I decided to let all my little kids have a mustache on Friday! They all loved them and had a blast. They go on super fast and are perfectly defined when they are applied. They are probably one of the best temporary tattoos I have come across in a long time. Removal is also super easy and the kit even comes with alcohol pads to remove them.  Me and my mustache! My little baby Troy sleeping with his mustache on. This is where the speed of the temporary tattoo came in handy babies don't like sitting still for anything nevermind pushing on their little faces. It took less then 20 seconds to put his tattoo on. Product Description  Originality is sexy, it’s not rocket science. And nothing says, “I’m bold, I

Impress Manicure Voxbox Review!

So I got to be involved in another awesome Voxbox by Influenster and I have to say I am super impressed with the adorable nails. They are called imPress Press-On Manicure and they are so simple to apply my friend had them on her hands within 5 minutes. They are very light and come in a variety of sizes for all fingers. The styles are so cute to. If you love getting your nails done and don't like taking an hour for gel nails or paying 75-100 dollars for gel nails then I highly recommend imPress nails!  The prices for these nails can't be beat! Quick tip: The nails say they are supposed to last up to a week but depending on what type of activities you do this could be tough, so while your nails come off you can save them and buy same nail glue from the store and reuse these nails again! Follow them on: Twitter: @bwaynails Facebook: Instagram: @bwaynails Pinterest: Youtube: Youtub

So many business opportunities!

As I tear apart all the wood I need from free pallets I found in my backyard forest I realize how many amazing business opportunities I am opening for myself on a daily basis. First I have my vegetable garden where I can sell veggies fresh, canned, or pickled as well as have more then enough for me, my family and my friends. Then I have my chickens on the way which are not only providing me with eggs and fertilizer for my garden but I can sell my eggs and my fertilizer. Next I have my worm farm I have started recently after digging up my chicken run which I will use as bait and sell as bait. And last but not least I have all of this fantastic burdock root to sell that I dug up from my chicken run. All of these amazing things can make me a ton of cash and help myself and others while not having to go far, or harm the environment! That is what I call a win,win,win situation! For more information on all of my above mentioned business opportunities here are some links to help you on your

Group Giveaway!

This months Platinum sponsor Facebook  | Twitter My silver sponsor Bloglovin | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram And this month my sponsors and swaps are donating 200 x 200 Ad space on  This Workmans Life 150 x 150 Ad space for 60 days on  Organized Chaos and $15 via paypal   a Rafflecopter giveaway So happy May long weekend to everyone and I hope you all have a good one! I am involved in a group giveaway this month so here you go and good luck I'm off to play at the water park with my kids!

Backyard Farm!

I have loved the outdoors my whole life and I have also always wanted to be a farmer! Working hard for my food and saving the environment as well as saving money. There are so many benefits to farming it's just amazing. But I have never been able to afford a farm land, sadly enough it costs hundreds of thousands of dollars to have your own farm. But what about all of us with roomy backyards that want to get a taste of the farm life? That is when I got the idea that I wanted to have a backyard farm.  These all came from seeds, I have peas, carrots, potatoes, corn, radishes, watermelon, pumpkins, potatoes, tomatoes, sunflowers, blueberries, and raspberries! So far I have my beautiful vegetable garden, and my berry plants, and right now I am working on my chicken run and coop! It is very exciting to me to get this going right where I live. I feel like a farmer! My kids have there stuff set up in the yard and I have so much room that my beautiful chickens are going to have a

Happy Mother's Day!

To every mom in the world, I am wishing you a relaxing and fulfilling Mother's Day you can enjoy with your sweet babies that made you into the mom you are today! These are the moments that make me proud to be a mom!  Face painting, bouncing on the trampoline, cuddling, and taking a nap. Go have a fun day, and try to make every day special, I know I do! 

Love Being You!

The world has become a very dark place where people are bugged or teased simply for being different. I for one was one of the kids who grew up hating school and never even made it though 8th grade simply because I was tortured from grade 4 until grade 8 and when I finally had enough I just stopped going. Why are kids so cruel, and you know it's not just kids it is older people as well judging and belittling others. As a way to say Love Being You I am completely redecorating my mode of transportation (my stroller) and proudly supporting my own style, my own decision, and trying to prove that being yourself is the best way to be! Take a stand and be yourself, who cares what other people think! This is my stroller so far: Yeah that's right it is blue leopard print as well as zebra print. I am going to add in some hot pink as a shout out to and I will be including the saying "Love Being You" somewhere on my stroller. I want to make

Perfect Threads!

My kids have a ton of clothes, and the reason is because they grow out of everything so fast I find myself buying them an outfit and having it worn once or twice and suddenly it no longer fits. As terrible as it sounds it is an easy thing to tackle while staying on budget. If I was to purchase all of their clothing brand new I would be broke all the time but thanks to Perfect Threads parents can relax knowing they can keep their kids closets full of brand name clothing for very little cash. That is just one of the reasons Perfect Threads is so amazing, another awesome thing about them is their clean out & donation bags. They will send you bags to fill full of clothes that your little ones no longer fit or need and you can choose to take shopping credit or donate the clothing to a worthy charity! They are now buying and selling like-new Lego. For the entire month of May you can receive cash paid via Paypal for any Lego you send in! So if you have a large amo

Kids Email and Giveaway!

Everyone wants to keep their kids safe on the internet and if you let your child send and receive email then this is the best way to go about it. Personally I don't believe kids should be allowed to have their own Facebook or other social media accounts due to unsafe activities. That is just my own personal opinion, but I do believe that kids should be allowed the chance to enjoy technology and remain connected with all of their friends. Kids Email is perfect for parent's like me that want to keep their kids safe on the web.  REGISTRATION Please visit and create a Free Trial Account. Creating an account is very easy. Make sure you enter a valid email as we will email you the necessary instructions to activate your account. After your account is activated, you will be taken to the Parental Control Panel where you can add the accounts for your children. ADDING CHILDREN Adding Children is very easy. One of the cool features of Kids Email is t

Blog for a Cause!

 I recently let you know I was doing fundraising for Jump Rope For Heart. Well as part of my fundraising efforts I have decide to do posts in exchange for donations, so any products, businesses, or blogs that are interested in having a post done on my site please contact me and let me know and you can go to my son's fundraising page here to make your donation. All proceeds are going to the heart and stroke foundation so all my hard work is for a very worthy cause! Visit my son's fundraising page here:  and if you have no site, business, or products and are just a caring person please donate, every penny helps! Thank you very much!

National Teacher Day and Teacher Gift Sets!

I am giving the teacher's at my son's school a combined gift so nobody gets left out. So far I am giving them this neat container and 45 pens. I am going to have it complete by May 6 which is National Teacher  Day! For my son's teacher I would love to give her a special gift brought to you by Lovable Labels! They have these adorable Teacher Gift Sets :    Description: Looking for the perfect teacher gift? Get a gold star with this gift set! Personalized note cards and adorable Apple-shaped Labels make the perfect thank-you gift! (perfect for labeling classroom supplies). We use high quality graphics to create our cards and all are printed on Acid Free heavy card stock. Presented in a beautiful clear cello bag and pretty ribbon, it makes a perfect gift.  They are so cute and any teacher would love to get such a cute personalized gift!  Lovable Labels has some pretty awesome products just head on over to and check out all