Keep birds out of your garden! DIY Bird Deterrent!

This is a super neat idea I had while browsing some DIY garden decor on pinterest. I have this terrible problem with birds raiding my garden for all it's worth and I know certain shimmers of light and movement are supposed to scare them away (or the sound of a bolt action rifle). Well the pin I saw had these CD's attached to a fence as opposed to how I did it. This way I can have them moving in a slight breeze and it looks super funky to. So far I have not seen one bird in my garden and I made these 2 days ago. So this does work and of course I did personalize it. 

Each disk was decorated with glitter glue and paint before being turned into funky bird deterrent  decor! Super simple and free if you have scratched up old CD's and DVD's kicking around!

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