Wednesday 17 September 2014

All Natural Microwave Cleaner

This is one of my favorite cleaning jobs in my kitchen because it is so simple, thanks to this easy method I have perfected. I wrote this post over a year ago and thought it needed to be brought back to life.

You will need:

  • small bowl
  • lemon juice
  • baking soda
  • hot water
  • scrubber or sponge
  • dry rag

First add 2 Tbsp of baking soda to your bowl.

Then add 1 1/2 Tbsp of lemon juice to the baking soda.

Your going to activate the baking soda, its going to bubble almost to the top. Let the bubbles settle and then add 1 cup of hot water to your bowl.

This is what my microwave looked like before.

It's hard to see but I promise its dirty.

See. Ewwwwww. And this food has been cooked on for a while so it is tough to get off at this point.

Now put the bowl in the microwave for 2 mins. If it boils over that's fine your going be scrubbing it anyways. Once its done take the bowl out and dump it in the sink. Get scrubbing! Since the lemon juice steamed inside the microwave it will be super easy to wipe down. 

And here is the end result. Spotless!

Looks great doesn't it!

So clean it shines!

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