Friday 3 October 2014

October is Anti Bullying Month


Bullying in Canada

Studies have shown that a higher percentage of students engage in bullying behaviors in middle school and high school than in elementary school. But, the percentages of students victimized gradually decreases with age.
Gender differences also exist: elementary school boys report higher levels of bullying, but lower levels of victimization, than girls. In middle and high schools, boys reported bullying others almost twice as much as girls in the same grades.

Did you know that a number of parents will not associate teasing or taunting as bullying and will even encourage the child to fight back or get revenge? This has been a common occurrence around the world and when it becomes to much to handle something beyond our control brings the pain to an end and it is too late to help. 

Parents need to be informed of what counts as bullying and we need to help our kids become aware as well. There is no harmless teasing when someone is truly hurt by our actions. I have found a lot of different resources for you all to read and if you are in the U.S. I have even found some cool freebies for you as well. 

Resources: (U.S. Freebies) 

I hope you take part in anti bullying somehow and get yourself some awesome anti bullying gear here:

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