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Perfect Threads and Black Friday Sale 50-75% OFF!

Black Friday is an excellent time to score some deals. I absolutely hate spending retail prices on kids clothes and I hate going to the mall especially when there is crazy crowds of people. Perfect Threads is an excellent way to stock up on kids clothes and save a ton of cash. I have bought lots of items from Perfect Threads and have had nothing but good things to say abut them. The clothes are in like new condition and are brand name items. They even sell Lego if your looking for some Christmas presents as well. Enter coupon code BLACKFRIDAY at checkout for 50% off all items. Visit them at I love shopping on I find great deals and the items are shipped right to my door. Right now with their Black Friday sale you can score some serious savings, and if you are a new customer you can use code b8b42b4bde at checkout to receive $10 off your purchase of $40 or more!

Homemade Christmas Gift - Felt Stockings

Growing up I absolutely loved opening my stocking first thing Christmas morning. Now that I am grown up I don't have that joyful experience anymore. So when I think of all the other grown ups in my family that don't get stockings it makes you want to bring back that joy. My daughter and I took the time to make some loved ones felt stockings. A very simple gift that you can fill with pretty much anything, and the best part is that you get to give that family member some unique artwork as well. Felt Stocking Template Simply print out the template I have provided above and use it to cut out the pieces of felt. You will need two pieces to create a full stocking and then any embellishments your heart desires. My plan for one of my family members is to fill her new stocking with some treats that she is now forced to enjoy. Becoming gluten free can be a hard adjustment in anyone's life but if you want to see how unbelievably ridiculous the prices are your

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory Review & Giveaway

My little's holding chocolate dipped pretzels! Kids love chocolate, so it made the most sense to share some of my treats with all my little ones. They were more then happy to give their opinions on some of the finest chocolate and treats around! The picture above is them enjoying some chocolate dipped pretzels that came in a convenient 6 pack and are only $9.99! I also received: Boulder Dust Cocoa Reindeer Candy Cane Bomb Candy Cane Stir Sticks - Candies with Milk Chocolate Candy Cane Caramels Chocolate Gingerbread Cookies Chocolate Snowflake with Candy Bits Delicious Egg Nogg Bomb I also received a delicious milk chocolate bar with bits of delicious candy cane inside! It was so good I ate it within a day and wasn't able to get a pic. Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory has hundreds of products for everyone and can satisfy even the pickiest of people! Visit them at to see all the amazing treats or visit them at

Monopoly Junior #GameNight

Monopoly Junior is an excellent game for little ones. Today I am fighting off a nasty cold and my kids are happily enjoying their Monopoly game while mommy gets some rest. Monopoly Jr. is perfect for teaching young ones the skills needed for all board games, like patience, sharing, and being a good sport.  The game pieces are very whimsical and delightful. There is a small car, a boat, a kitty, and a puppy, all in a very cartoonish format to satisfy any child. It is for 2-4 players over the age of 5. My daughter has enjoyed playing even though she is only 4 she can have just as much fun racing around the board by simply rolling the dice and counting the spaces.  Hasbro makes so many amazing games I can't wait to watch my kids grow to enjoy them all just like I did. These games make such amazing Christmas and birthday presents and really help to bring the family together! Plan your own Hasbro family #GameNight! I received the product(s) complimentary to test and

Flashing Blinky Lights Review

Christmas provides some of the best memories for people of all ages with all the lights and decor. I love going to all the awesome light up displays and Christmas concerts with my kids, it is so much fun for the whole family! It is so much fun to dress up in all your wonderful Christmas outfits and accessories and the best way to do that is with! has been selling quality LED products since 2001.  They are very experienced in their field and strive for customer satisfaction.  The quality of FBL’s products reflects the care and understanding they have for their customers.  Here are some of the Light-Ups I had the opportunity to test: Blinking LED White Fairy Wings  are the ultimate costume accessory! Flashing Snowflakes Head Boppers to brighten up your snow princess at the next party! Jade LED Bouncy Noodle Hair Clips with Red Ribbons get the Christmas

Fall Photos & Winter Prep

 I just wanted to share some of my wonderful fall photos with everyone before the snow hits and the winter photos begin. It's time to get outside and rake the leaves and prepare for a cold winter. How do you prepare for cold winters? As soon as the temperature drops I think of ways to keep my home warm to keep my heating costs down. Here is what I do to winterize my house: Insulate vents and other drafty places Caulk windows and doors Seal windows with poly  Install thicker curtains Install weather stripping Uninstall outside hose & turn off water to that tap Get some area rugs if your floors are bare like mine Get everyone slippers Make sure everyone has a variety of sweaters, robes, and blankets That's about it. Right now I am going to clean up my yard and get my chicken run winterized. Have a great day!

12 Days of Christmas Swap & Cheap Gifts

 This is my favorite swap of the year! Christmas is my favorite holiday and I have already begun putting up my decorations. I can't wait to spoil my partner this year. I have learned some new and awesome ways to be a great swapper through all of my previous swap partners. Thanks for the wonderful gifts ladies! If you have been debating signing up for a swap and need a little push well this is me hog tying you and dragging you in to the joy of the holidays! Here are the details: Sign-Ups Close on November 10th, 2014 Partners Assigned on November 12th, 2014 Packages Ship by December 6th, 2014 You open 1 wrapped gift per day starting December 13th Swap Show-Off Post/Linky goes life on December 24th ! It is so much fun and I guarantee you will love it and want to do it again and again!  Cheap Gifts So I am hunting for bargains this Christmas so I can spoil people without breaking the bank and guess what, I found a ton of stuff this morning! Did you

SquidGrip Review

I love video games. As a mother of 3 it is hard for me to get some individual entertainment to wind down and relax but when I get the opportunity I love to just sit back and play Xbox 360. I enjoy lots of different games from adventure, to first person shooter and everything in between. Any gamer knows that comfort is key when your trying to sit back and enjoy your gaming experience and SquidGrip ™ makes comfort simply awesome!  SquidGrip ™ is a simple peel and stick padded grip that is made for numerous systems: Xbox One Xbox 360 Playstation 4 Playstation 2/3 SquidGrip ™ provides a low-profile, firm and padded surface for your hands - without disrupting the natural feel of your controller. Developed using moisture-wicking technology, no other product alleviates sweaty hands and improves overall grip and comfort like SquidGrip™ Whether you’re a hard-core gamer seeking a competitive edge through superior grip and comfort, or simply looking for somethin