Monday 29 December 2014

Water Beads Review & Sensory Bucket Game!

Water Beads are one of the neatest creations I have come across. They start off as these tiny little dots and expand when water is added into these amazing little beads. Water Beads have so many uses and are absolutely safe for the environment. They are odorless and non toxic creating the perfect filler for things like our amazing sensory bucket pictured above.

Our sensory game:

When we play with our sensory bucket which we have filled with lots of Water Beads as well as different items that begin with different letters of the alphabet we play a little game. One child dips their hand into the Water Beads and pulls out an item, the child that pulls out the item sounds it out and tells everyone what letter the item starts with and what it ends with. The older kids are challenged to try and spell the whole word. The game continues until all the items are named a couple of times. 

I also have used Water Beads all around my house as decor in vases and I have one little glass jar full that is growing a bean sprout. 

Check out all of the amazing uses for Water Beads by visiting their website. They also have beautiful submersible lights that look absolutely amazing inside a vase or any decorative vessel filled with Water Beads.

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