Friday 23 January 2015

Spencer & Ivy Coloring Placemats Review & Giveaway

My kids love to color, it is a great way to express their creativity and relax after a long day. I have so much of their art work saved into scrapbooks it's crazy. I have heard that some parents take photos of their kids art work that way they can save it without taking up a lot of space, neat idea considering I have 3 lifetimes to consider that will be full of art work.

Now about Spencer & Ivy. This wonderful company was founded by Nicole Conner, who is a mother of a beautiful little girl. Nicole's goal is to enrich the lives of parents and children by creating products that nurture your child's creativity and bring parents and children closer together. She has some pretty awesome products that I urge you to take a peek at.

These great little placemats are truly a gem, they are double sided with one full color picture and a blank slate for your little one to go Picasso on. When your little one is ready to start over simply run the mat under water and it rinses off, dry and start all over. Both sides can be colored and erased so there is no limit to creativity.

Another great feature is how portable they are, have you ever sat in a restaraunt and had crazy kids getting impatient waiting to be served? I have had this happen even at friends and families houses so now if I want to keep my monsters occupied I simply roll up their mats, wrap with a rubber band, and tuck it in our bag with the markers.

The mats are created with rounded corners so we don't have wee ones poking their eyes out, trust me it is possible. The mats are also infused with a substance called Micro-ban to prevent growth of bacteria! These mats would make amazing gifts and come packaged so neatly they are ready for their journey to the next Easter, Valentine's, Birthday, etc.

Now time for the giveaway! Spencer & Ivy have teamed up with me to give you guys a chance to win 2 sets of 2 placemats and markers valued at $50! You could win 1 Rocket & Race Cars Set and 1 Butterfly & Birds Set! 

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