Tuesday 28 April 2015

How To Begin Networking When Starting a Business

If you want to be successful in running your business you must work your butt off and never stop trying to make your dream a reality. The beginning will always seem like a never ending money pit,  stressful and extremely time consuming but that is what it means to make a dream reality. So unless you have a ton of cash or a helping hand in some way you must begin taking these steps with me.

I have a dream of creating an exciting world of reading for kids of all ages. I want to become a household name when kids think of fun ways to learn to read. I am just barely getting into the test stage of my product and attempting to build a business out of thin air but I know I can do it. 

What is networking and how do I do it? Among many other skills and steps needed to run a business networking is one of the most important. Networking is something we do everyday but never take full advantage of it. Networking can be summed up as making connections with future customers and finding out how to get your product in their hands. 

You don't need to know tons of people to begin with, you just need to begin nurturing the connections you have and grow them. Get the word out to your friends and family that you have this dream and what your intentions are. People will help, the world can be a giving place when it has the right opportunity. 

Get over your fear of rejection or being shot down because your never going to get anywhere if you don't power through the negativity. Not everyone is going to love your idea. Get over it and move on, time is everything.

Make your dream visible and easy to see. If you have a friend or acquaintance offering to introduce you to a new connection make sure you do everything in your power to provide an easy visual or explanation so there is no confusion or difficulty in securing that connection. This can be as simple as an email that can be forwarded or as complex as a power point introduction. Either way make it simple, direct, and straight to the point.

Show appreciation to the connectors. If your friend got you there, give thanks! Make it a point to fill them in on what went down and let it be known that you appreciate the help. Every relationship is important no matter how small.

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