Tuesday 26 May 2015

Simple Slow-melt Popsicles

Summer is poking its head around the corner rather quickly this year, which means hot sweaty kids looking for cool sweet treats. Have you seen the price of popsicles these days? $7 for a box of 12 simple, and small I might add popsicles!?! I was absolutely horrified to see the prices at the grocery store. I am not paying those prices and neither should you.

A few years ago they came out with these slow melting popsicles and they turned out to be quite popular amongst parents with small kids due to the fact that the treat ends up in the kids mouths as opposed to all over them. I decided to read the ingredients on the side to get a hint at the secret to slow melt popsicles, nothing more than gelatin. 

Slow-Melt Popsicles

All you do is make the jello according to the packaging, pour into desired mold and freeze. You could use the dixie cup kind with sticks and disposable cups but those just seem so wasteful. I bought my popsicle mold on Amazon for around 20 dollars and it can be used again and again. Jello costs around $1 so you can see instantly how absolutely crazy the savings are!

Jello popsicles are much more flavorful then any juice pop and they have that slow melt factor thanks to the gelatin. This is an all around awesome treat!

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