Friday 8 May 2015

Tea Time Hanging Planter

I have added a new addition to my Alice In Wonderland themed garden. If you haven't seen it yet go here. I think these are the perfect addition to my setup and I have the step by step instructions for you here!

You will need a cup and saucer, some kind of strong string, scissors, and tape.

Cut four pieces of string the exact same length. Now place one piece of string directly across the center and tape in place. 
Be sure to tape in the center as well as the sides. Repeat with the remaining strings exactly as pictured below.

Now once all of your strings are secured pick the plate up exactly the way it is now with the strings dangling down like a jellyfish. I found this the easiest way to grab all the strings at once. Hold them all tightly together. 
Tie the strings in a knot. You should have something that looks like this. Now you can put your plants in your cup put the cup on the saucer and hang it in an adorable place. 

I planted morning glories which should grow out and look spectacular. I put a layer of rocks in the very bottom of my cup under the soil so I know it will drain nicely and not over water.

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