Water Beads

Have you ever seen a product and wondered if there was anything you couldn't do with it? Kind of like Duct Tape, you can literally use it for everything. Water Beads have the exact same affect on the world, they are so versatile and affordable that you just can't get enough of them. 

Here I have a huge list of some of my favorite things that feature Water Beads!

These awesome guns called Xploderz use Water Beads!

Water Beads inserted in an ornament. Reuse for years.
Beautifully displayed rainbow Water Beads.
Baby shower Water Beads.
Educational sensory play.
Many decor ideas.
Imagine the fun with a pool full of Water Beads.
Water Beads would make perfect marbles!
Right now Water Beads Canada is donating 50 cents from every purchase of Water Beads to the Heart and Stroke Foundation. So not only are you getting an amazing deal for a terrific product but if you enter Jump Rope For Heart in the checkout menu when paying you will be donating to a fantastic charity! Go to http://www.waterbeads.ca/shop/ when ordering please put “Jump Rope for Heart” in instructions to merchant when completing your order!

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