Wednesday 17 June 2015

E.A.T. End Allergies Together

As a mother of 3 I am very glad that my kids can eat anything I give them. There is no worries about dying due to a bite of food. Others aren't so lucky, we were recently at a birthday party and were eating Dairy Queen ice cream cake for dessert, nobody thought anything of it until one little boy piped up and said "I can't have peanuts" well who would have thought an ice cream cake may contain traces of peanuts. The family hosting the party called and asked and yes it is true anyone with a severe peanut allergy should not eat ice cream cake due to traces that may be present. Poor little guy. 

So what are we doing in the world to try and find a cure for food allergies? Nowhere near what we should be doing. So E.A.T. has some information to share with the world. 

People with food allergies can’t just
eat. The action of eating is often
scary and life threatening, and yet
eating is a part of every day life,
and a way of life.
Every 3 minutes a person visits the
ER with an allergic reaction. 
is a non-profit organization
solely focused on accelerating the
pace of research by funding
researchers seeking a cure for
this growing epidemic.
100% of
proceeds go directly to
Every contribution
makes a real difference. 
We know the numbers. In 2013, less
than $65m went towards the
needed every year
to fund promising
research. That’s not enough to help
our children any time soon.
Every dollar we raise connects the
dots between people with food
physicians...and a cure.
Help us now... we can’t solve this
problem without you. It’s time to End
Allergies Together
Please visit them to find out more: 


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