Thursday 25 June 2015

Preventable Death Of Children

My kids are my life, most parents feel the same way. We all want the best for our kids and try to do our best to create a happy, healthy life for them. A couple of things have really tugged at my heart strings this week regarding children and safety. 

First one of the kids in my sons school was accidentally ran over by a vehicle and left in critical condition, he is the sweetest boy and I hope he pulls through. If you would like to read his story you can do so here: Jonah's Story

The boys accident was completely avoidable and preventable. 

The next tragic story I just read about and didn't even think was a possibility is leaving your child in a hot car. Apparently this happens more often then you would think, people are totally crazy about when people leave dogs in cars but what about a child? Until I read this story I wasn't even aware of the problem. This is not something that is labelled as bad parenting either, we all make mistakes and even the most caring, loving, and careful parent can make this mistake.

So parents I want you to read these stories and think long and hard about what can happen to your precious babies. Think about how you would feel when you are the one responsible for the death of your own child, and how you would face the other people in your life to tell them the tragic news. Maybe this will make you more aware of the possibilities of preventable deaths. For more information on children and vehicle safety go to

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