Tuesday 14 July 2015

Fixing Splayed Leg on a Duckling

The past couple weeks I have learned a lot and lost a few small pet duckies along the way. It has been a hard learning experience but now I know of your duck doesn't stick to her food she will lay eggs that are impenetrable to ducklings. My duck was eating nothing but chicken food and the enzymes creating rock hard shells causing the babies to die in their shells. We were able to save two of them but one of them has splayed leg. 

But what is splayed leg or spraddle leg? There is an excellent article here. Basically it is a condition where the baby bird cannot use their legs. It is however a correctable condition in many cases. I found many helpful videos on youtube and used the one I thought would be the best for my duckies condition. 

When I had helped her out of her prison shell she was very weak from fighting her way out. She couldn't move without help, and could barely lift her head.  She has gotten many baths and had been fed using a syringe and wet food. Now she is finally beginning to get the food herself which is a step in the right direction. 

So here is the video I chose to create my leg brace for her. 

Now I am waiting to see if the fix will set and my ducky will survive. Sadly if it doesn't work she will be put down. So cross your fingers, its only been one day and she is showing improvement.

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