Tuesday 8 March 2016

Super Healthy Shamrock Shakes & More!

Are you looking for a healthy alternative for you and the kids this St. Patrick’s Day? This year, enjoy a tasty Shamrock Shake the healthy way courtesy of Vega, a leader in the plant-based natural health and performance products industry. Festive green smoothies are the perfect way to sneak some healthy greens into your diet before the green beer starts flowing!  

Made with a full avocado (for green coloring!), in addition to mint extract and a cup of cacao nibs, this healthy recipe will fulfill your craving for a Shamrock Shake. The cacao nibs are full of antioxidants, and a scoop of French Vanilla Vega One offers 20 grams of protein in one serving.

Get your daily veggie fix with this nutrient-dense green smoothie. Whip up this low calorie option made with melon, cucumber, and spinach, which are all high in water and make this smoothie an extra hydrating way to start your day. This recipe also includes Vega One so you also get your daily protein fix early on in the day.

Moms secret weapon: Sneaking anything green into my oldest boy is nearly impossible so by adding a scoop of Vega One into his smoothie last night not only did he have his usual strawberries and bananas but an additional kick of spinach, kale, and broccoli that he devoured in a split second. 

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