Friday 15 April 2016

DIY Drawer Stops - Keep Your Drawers From Coming Out!

Did you know that one of the rules when opening a licenced daycare is you cannot have drawers that come all the way out. The reason is a toddler could pull the entire drawer out causing injury to themselves. 

Older dressers all have drawers on a single track with no stoppers. Your options are to install tracks with stoppers that cost a small fortune or buy a new dresser or four. That was not OK to me. So I created a solution that cost less then $5 for every dresser in my home. 

This is so simple anyone can do it. All you need is a drill, screws, and hardware wire. Here is how: 

Begin by removing the drawers from said night stand/dresser. Then drill holes directly in the center of where the drawer will go.

Now put a screw in the back of the first drawer but not drilled in all the way and wrap hardware wire around the screw. Once the wire is wrapped around drill the screw in tight. 

Next measure wire to be just a bit longer then the length of the dresser with the drawer pulled out. String the wire through the hole you drilled in the first step and place the drawer just inside the dresser. 

Now with the drawer pulled out but still in the dresser, drill another screw partially into a solid part of the back of the dresser and wrap the wire around it. Drill it tight. And now you can push and pull the dresser drawer without it being pulled out on tiny toes because it is now anchored to the dresser. 

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