Wednesday 13 April 2016

The Importance Of Keeping Your Kids Active - Bloom, A New Kind Of FundRaising!

Exclusive partnership provides schools an opportunity to raise money and
earn wellness-based incentives from the nation’s leading educational fitness provider

Bloom has partnered with Adventure to Fitness, the nation’s number one educational fitness program for kids, to create a first-of-its-kind, high-profit product fundraiser.

Beginning today, the Passport to Fitness program is available to schools. The first savings card fundraiser from Bloom, schools raise unrestricted funds by selling Passports for $20 and collecting a flat 50 percent profit from each transaction, and in lieu of traditional fundraising incentives, each student and classroom can earn a year subscription to Adventure to Fitness.  

Developed by parenting, medical and educational experts, Adventure to Fitness is used by over 100,000 teachers daily. 30-minute, animated live-action episodes are centered around core subjects like math, history and science, and provide moderate-to-vigorous physical activity for children. Teacher and parent guides with suggested activities to reinforce lessons learned are also provided with each episode.

“Knowing that there are few opportunities for children to play at school, and that classrooms are in need of financial resources, we saw an opportunity to make a positive impact by developing a program with Adventure to Fitness that will not only raise funds to support educational programs, but help children and entire school communities become healthier and happier," said Ryan Hedspeth, President of Bloom.

The Passport to Fitness is a plastic savings card that features eight direct deals from prominent up-and-coming brands, including ZeroWaterLe ToteThe Bouqs, and Scentbird, and Adventure to Fitness content is gifted to qualifying schools on behalf of these featured companies.  

Each card also has a unique code that provides access to a 6-month subscription to Bloom Bonus Rewards, an exclusive online shopping portal with premium discounts on select merchandise from name brands, vacation and travel, and event tickets throughout the country. The offers and technology were originally developed as a loyalty and incentive platform for Global 100 companies but will be featured in the fundraising industry for the first time through an exclusive partnership with Bloom.

Bloom’s incentive program is designed to provide Adventure to Fitness content to schools that reach specific sales goals. Those selling 1,000 Passports will raise $10,000 and receive a one-year subscription to Adventure to Fitness for each classroom. When schools sell 1,500 Passports, they will earn $15,000 in unrestricted funds, annual classroom subscriptions, and each student will also receive Adventure to Fitness content for their home.  

Schools interested in the Passport to Fitness program can learn more by visiting 

What does Adventure to Fitness do? Adventure to Fitness draws on children’s interest in technology. We live in a world that is increasingly digital. By putting the Adventure to Fitness program in a digital format, we reach kids on their level. Our videos and online activities create an interactive framework in which kids play, get active, and understand new concepts. Innovative media makes it possible to motivate educational and healthy desires in our children. Our program draws on that power through friendly characters, high quality animation, compelling stories, and more.”

Why is physical activity in children so important? According to the CDC and WHO, it is recommended that children (5-17) should accumulate 60 minutes of moderate-to-vigorous physical activity per day.
    • Most of the physical activity should be aerobic.
    • Physical activity should be age-appropriate and revolve around playing and having fun. 

Physical activity among children is critical for better health as it:
    • helps maintain a health body weight
    • decreases childhood obesity
    • improves blood flow and mental clarity
    • promotes strong muscles, bones, and joints
    • develops a healthy cardiovascular system (heart and lungs)
    • develops coordination and movement control
    • helps manage stress, depression, and anxiety (mental health)
    • helps to develop self-confidence and self-esteem
    • and creates healthy habits for a lifetime.

Physical activity also positively impacts learning and academic achievement. It improves:
    • attention and concentration in class
    • classroom behavior
    • grades, graduation rates, and GPA
    • standardized test scores
    • school attendance (fewer days of school missed)
    • educational aspirations

How to encourage active lifestyles: Engaging in physical activity as a family can be rewarding and beneficial for children. Studies show that children that are encouraged and supported to be active by family and friends are more likely to participate in physical activity.

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