Monday 16 May 2016

DIY: Cloth Wipe Solutions - Frugal and Eco

If you have already decided to use cloth wipes instead of paper ones, you are already winning and saving your money. Not only that you do not need to spend money on buying cloth wipes, you can simply cut pieces of old flannel pGhana’s or any other piece of clothing from the proper material. What is more, cloth wipes are reusable and do not contribute to the growth of waste products and pollution, plus they are much more comfortable, useful and softer. But once you are on the right track and know what is best for you and your family, you would need to have a cloth wipe solution to wet your wipes with. 

Sure you there are many kinds offered in the stores, but why not make it yourself, so you will know exactly what is in it and that it does not have any chemicals in it, but some simple natural products that will be good for your and your family's skin. Especially for the babies and kids. There are many home made recipes for cloth wipe solutions. But can take a look at them and make up your own. 

Some people would rather use just water, but here's a chance to be gentle to your kids' skin and not just wipe it with a wet cloth. But why just clean the skin when at the same time you can take care of it and it won't cost you a thing. Some people buy solutions from the store and only add water to them if they think it is necessary. The easiest one you can do is to simply mix water and liquid cleansing soap, preferably baby soap and keep the bottle with the solution with your cloth wipes and wet them when needed. They are easy to carry around, easy to wash, and cost-free. 

If you too want to save money, do not worry, you do not need to buy anything special for the solution. 

You can use whatever you already have at home, like baby shampoo or soap, and if you make the 

solution specifically for a baby, add some baby oil too, in other cases you do not need to use it. Instead just some warm water and baby shampoo would be enough to make an easy and cheap solution. 

If you happen to have on your possession or wish to spend some money on a beneficial eco and health-friendly ingredient for the wipe solution, it is only if you want to add some essential oils to the mix. The 

essential oils will not only clean your kid and smell nice, but they have many different beneficial effects 

on the skin as said by Tottenham City Cleaners

Especially the baby's sensitive skin. You must have noticed that every baby and kid shampoo, soap, oil and other baby products are either scented with lavender or chamomile. That is not accidental, it is because both flowers are perfect for a baby's sensitive skin and 

are soothing. Lavender helps rashes and skin irritations, while chamomile is anti-inflammatory. 

Just add some lavender oil or chamomile  to the solution and you would not need to worry about your family's skin. Of course there are many other essential oils with different ingredients and beneficial properties, you can choose whichever and make yourself a home made cloth wipe solution. 

For example, 

to 4 cups of water add a tablespoon of baby shampoo or if it is not for a baby- liquid soap, 2-3 drops of 

essential oil of your choice and anything else you think will be nice. 

The best thing about essential oils in this case is that you would only need a drop or two, to make your solution, and you can not run out of it and have to buy them or any of the other ingredients you decide to put in your solution, so you will save a lot of money. And you can buy a different one every time you need to and try new combinations which you wouldn't normally find in stores. 

You can use these fabric wipes to create your own makeup remover wipes as well!

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