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6 Main Dish Recipes With Unusual Ingredients

Anyone who’s ever ran a household and had to cook meals regularly will tell you how hard it is to keep things fresh. More often than not, you’ll fall into a pattern of spaghetti bolognese or pizza and chips, and the whole process can become a bit more tedious. And that’s why, for you and your family’s sake, it’s important to switch things up. Creating balanced, varied meals is important not just for a killer diet, but for your own sanity. Sure, spaghetti bolognese is nice, but every single week, twice a week? It’ll start to taste like cardboard. So, the next time you sit down to devise that all-important meal plan, throw some curveballs into the mix. Literally. With thousands of different ingredients and recipes at your disposal, why not try something unusual? Below, you’ll find a selection of recipes that use rather uncommon ingredients, that I urge you to try. At the very least, you’ll hopefully glean a bit of inspiration for the week ahead! Grilled steak with sorghum

Talking with Your Kids About Bullying

Guest Post By Dr. Mildred Peyton June 21, 2016 As a mother of two school-aged daughters, a bullying expert, and children and youth advocate, I'm here to inform parents, in particular, that bullying is not to be taken lightly and, to provide parents with five tips of what to highlight as they talk with their children about bullying. Before divulging my five tips to parents (and anyone reading this article), first, I want readers to understand what bullying is. By definition, bullying is defined as unwanted, aggressive behavior among school-aged children that is repeated, or has the potential of being repeated, and involves a real or perceived power imbalance between the victim and the bully (also known as the perpetrator).  Simply put, for a behavior to constitute bullying, there must be recurrences of aggression (in the form of physical, verbal, social, and cyberbullying) aimed at a specific target. When it comes to talking to your children about bullying, it is important

Lower Your Water Bill This Summer

With water bills on the minds of Canadians this summer, Adam Findlay, senior marketing manager at Pfister, shares the following tips to help conserve water: Make use of rainwater  - Collect rainwater and use it to water plants and wash your car. A rain barrel collecting water from your eaves trough downspout is both environmentally and financially smart. Nothing saves on a water bill like using what nature provides for free. Don’t leave the water running  - Use a touch-free faucet so you’re not caught running the tap longer than necessary. These high-tech kitchen faucets help stop the spread of germs while reducing your overall water usage by automatically shutting off with the wave of your hand. Every second of running water adds up and a touch-free faucet cuts off exactly when you need it to. Keep drinking water in the fridge  – Running the tap to get cold drinking water is both time consuming and wasteful. Consider storing drinking water in the fridge so when yo

How Playing Outdoors Improves Kids’ Cognitive Skills

Life has definitely changed a lot in the last hundred years with all the technological advances, what has certainly impacted the way we raise our children and how they spend their time. Kids used to be out and about and a lot more physically active. Nowadays they are mostly indoors in front of a TV or a computer screen, or playing with some other tech gadgets. This has lead to serious negative consequences on their health and development. However, a new trend of taking kids back outdoors is on the rise and we present you with the of the benefits this has on their cognitive development. Introducing new stimuli When kids are outdoors, they are surrounded by new things. They see, hear, feel and smell some things for the first time and these are considered new stimuli by the brain. The brain then creates ‘new folders’, so to speak, where it stores new data. In simple terms, new stimuli grow our brains. Increasing attention span More and more kids today are diagnosed with att

How I Earned a Quick $35 Yesterday

Long time readers will know I'm a big fan of Swagbucks . It's an easy way to cover my entertainment budget, save big on holiday shopping sprees and make money trying out new products i would otherwise be skeptical of. The downside of Swagbucks is that the site gives you so many different ways to earn that it can be complicated and hard to keep track of all it's earning features.   Well, Swagbucks runs this promotion once a month called SWAGO. It's like BINGO, except each square takes you to a different part of their site where you can earn points, called SB, doing something easy online. You get paid for filling out your board - the more spaces you fill out, the bigger your bonus! This month, the bonus for filling out your whole board is 300 SB, which you can redeem for a $3 gift card right away. But, that's just the start of your earnings with SWAGO. Because the game takes you to every nook and cranny of their site, you end up earning a ton of point

Plasmart Smart Mat Review & Giveaway!

Children love to play cars. Pushing them around and pretending to drive is a childhood favorite for most of us. Our kids have such high quality items to choose from now like the Plasmart Happyville Smart Mat .  The mat is huge and made with such sturdy material that it should last for years. It has many great little features and pictures the kids absolutely adore.  Product Description Quality, coated EVA foam mat. Easy to wipe clean of dirt and spills. Rolls up for easy travel and storage. Children can use their play cars to race around town. Great for playrooms, classrooms, the beach or yard. Features: Creativity and imaginative play development Giant play surface- min. 78" x 46 Easy to clean and store Multi purpose play mat Creativity and imaginative play development Giant play surface- min. 78" x 46 Easy to clean and store Multi purpose play mat Plasmart makes a huge selection of toys to suit any age. Whether your looking for

10 Cloverfield Lane

“Smartly chilling.” — Jeannette Catsoulis, New York Times “Absolutely Intense.” — Scott Carty, ABC-TV OUTSIDE IS DANGEROUS…INSIDE IS TERRIFYING IN THE HEART-POUNDING NEW THRILLER FROM PRODUCER J.J. ABRAMS John Goodman, Mary Elizabeth Winstead Star in the Suspense-Filled Film on Digital HD May 31, 2016 and Blu-ray ™ Combo Pack June 14 Acclaimed producer J.J. Abrams and up-and-coming director Dan Trachtenberg deliver a new masterpiece that critics are calling “riveting, gripping and loaded with tension” (Scott Mantz, “Access Hollywood”) when 10 CLOVERFIELD LANE debuts on Blu-ray Combo Pack, DVD and On Demand June 14, 2016 from Paramount Home Media Distribution. The film arrives two weeks early on Digital HD May 31.   Certified Fresh by critics with a 90% score on Rotten Tomatoes, 10 CLOVERFIELD LANE delivers “heart-pounding fun” (Patrick Stinson, “Made in Hollywood”) that will “shock you senseless” (Peter Travers, Rolling Stone ).  After a catastrophi