Wednesday 1 June 2016

How to De-clutter Your Life and Experience the Joy of Less

Chicken  Soup  for  the  Soul  and  Brooke  Burke-Charvet  show  you  how  to  say  “no” to the things that don’t matter so you can say “yes” to the things that do COS  COB,  Conn.  –  Do  you  have  too  much  stuff?  Are  you  cramming  too  many  activities  into  each  day? Have  electronic  devices  taken  over  your  free  time?  We  all  want  to  reclaim  control  of  our  lives—reducing the  amount  of  clutter  in  our  homes,  on  our  calendars,  and  on  our  screens!

 Chicken  Soup  for  the  Soul: The  Joy  of  Less  (Chicken  Soup  for  the  Soul  Publishing,  LLC;  Amy  Newmark  and  Brooke  BurkeCharvet;  April  19,  2016,  978-1-61159-957-2,  $14.95)  shows  you  how,  with  101  stories  from  real  people who have figured out how to experience “the joy of less” by simplifying their lives.

These  stories  will  inspire  you  to  get  to  work  on  those  life-changing  projects  that  you’ve  been  meaning  to do  for  years.  You’ll  learn  how  to  de-clutter  your  homes  and  experience  the  liberation  of  less  “stuff.” You’ll  be  inspired  to  slim  down  your  calendar  and  say  “no”  to  commitments  you  don’t  want  to  make. And  you’ll  find  yourself  re-evaluating  the  amount  of  time  you  spend  online  and  in  digital  relationships with “friends” instead of having experiences and relationships with living, breathing people.

  Entrepreneur,  actress,  and  mother  of  four  Brooke  Burke-Charvet  coauthored  this  book  with  Chicken  Soup for  the  Soul’s  publisher  and  editor-in-chief  Amy  Newmark.  You  may  know  Brooke  as  the  former  co-host of  Dancing  with  the  Stars,  the  host  of  Chicken  Soup  for  the  Soul’s  Hidden  Heroes,  and  a  contestant  on  the 2016  season  of  Celebrity  Apprentice.  Brooke  is  one  busy  woman,  and  this  book  is  close  to  her  heart.  She says,  “I  believe  in  the  power  of  saying  ‘no’  to  too  many  material  possessions  and  to  schedules  so  crowded with  ‘obligations’  that  we  crowd  out  time  with  our  families  and  friends.  Enjoy  this  collection.  Be  inspired. I  know  you’ll  come  away  filled  with  ideas  and  enthusiasm  for  the  new  life  you’ll  carve  out  as  you  reduce the clutter in your life, literally and figuratively, and experience The Joy of Less!” This  is  a  new  kind  of  book  for  Chicken  Soup  for  the  Soul—a  new  topic  for  its  fans  and  stories  that  are both  entertaining  but  also  filled  with  usable  advice  and  easy-to-implement  tips.  Key  inspirational  quotes and  tips  from  each  story  are  also  pulled  out,  magazine  style,  and  featured  throughout  the  book.  You  can’t help  but  be  inspired  to  get  to  work  on  de-cluttering  and  simplifying  your  own  life  after  reading  these stories.

ABOUT CHICKEN SOUP FOR THE SOUL Chicken  Soup  for  the  Soul,  the  world’s  favorite  and  most  recognized  storyteller,  publishes  the  famous Chicken  Soup  for  the  Soul  book  series.  With  well  over  100  million  books  sold  to  date  in  the  U.S.  and Canada  alone,  more  than  250  titles,  and  translations  into  more  than  40  languages,  “chicken  soup  for  the soul”  is  one  of  the  world’s  best-known  phrases  and  is  regularly  referenced  in  pop  culture.  Today,  23  years after  it  first  began  sharing  happiness,  inspiration  and  hope  through  its  books,  this  socially  conscious company  continues  to  publish  a  new  title  a  month,  but  has  also  evolved  beyond  the  bookstore  with  super premium  pet  food,  television  shows  and  movies,  and  a  variety  of  other  digital  content  and  licensed products, all inspired by stories, as it continues “changing the world one story at a time®.”

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