Tuesday 30 August 2016

Your Life In Boxes: The Best Way To Go About Unpacking In Your New Home


So, you’re pulling up to your new home. Everything is out of your old place, and you have your new set of keys in hand, ready to open the door to your new life. The first couple of weeks in your new home are going to be hectic. But don’t worry, it’ll all be worth it. So how do you best go about moving in?

Getting everything through the door

You’re going to have a lot of belongings to get through the door into the house. From big appliances to smaller essentials. It’s best to consider hiring from a company that specialises in interstate removals to help with this. Having transported your material life from one state to another, they’ll be able to help you with guiding the big appliances into your home and carrying the smaller boxes in. It’ll be a weight off your shoulders. Literally.


Organise the big things

It’s a good idea to organise your larger items first. This mainly includes appliances and furniture. After a long day of working on your new home, you’re going to want to be able to sit down and relax. Set up your sofa in a comfortable, clear space. Make your bed, ready for you to collapse into after a testing and hard day. You don’t want to be falling asleep and trying to put sheets on your mattress and find your duvet. Set up your refrigerator in the kitchen. You’ll need plenty of cold drinks and snacks to keep you going. Install light fittings and get general DIY out of the way first.

Tackle the bulk

Some items are going to take up a lot more space in boxes than others. If you have a lot of books, it’s a good idea to build a bookcase for them to go on or have shelving put up. They make take up a lot of space in boxes, but once you’ve settled on an apt storage solution, they’ll be well out of the way. Same goes for hefty record collections.

Fill your wardrobe

Clothing will compose a large number of the boxes littering your hallway. Build your wardrobe and hang all of your shirts, dresses, skirts, coats and other clothing in an organised manner. Set up some drawers for your underwear, socks and pyjamas. You will need access to your clothing everyday, and it’ll be easier to root them out of a wardrobe or drawers than filtering through numerous cardboard boxes.

The little things

Once you’ve completed the above, there will be a lot more space in your home and fewer boxes to unpack. This is the time that you can focus on the smaller things. Towels, cutlery, stationery, photo frames, trinkets and the rest. These are the things that add a personal touch to your home. Take your time in choosing the right place for them to be stored and enjoy the experience of making your new home truly yours.

Remember, this should be a fun and enjoyable experience. It’s not a process that needs to be completed in one day. Have patience and take your time. Who knows how long you’ll be living in this new space. Create positive vibes from the moment you set foot through the door. Once you’re settled in, take a look at our article on keeping bills low in your new home.

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