Monday 12 September 2016

Energy Saving Tips when Using an AC Device

While in the winter heating bills are the ones eating up your budget, the summer isn’t so budget-friendly either. The weather gets hot, humidity rises, and all you want to do is cool down. If you’re not lucky enough to have a shady backyard with lots of trees protecting you from the sun, you’ll probably need an air conditioning device. Those devices are quite affordable these days but they still run on electricity and can consume a lot of energy, and, therefore, take a big hit on your finances. Follow the tips listed below to get the most of your AC device and make it less energy and money consuming the same time.

Seal the leaks

As it’s important to seal the leaks so the heat doesn’t go out in the winter, it’s also crucial not to let the heat in during the summer days. Look out for small drafts, use rope caulk to seal windows, and weather stripping for your doors. Make sure that the ducts are properly insulated so it doesn’t heat up the air coming from the AC device. This is the most cost-effective way to reduce energy waste, not only in the summer but in the long run.

Operate the thermostat efficiently

The smaller the difference between the indoor and outdoor temperature is, the lower your electricity bill will be. A study showed that 78 degrees Fahrenheit (25 degrees on Celsius scale) is the optimal temperature – it’s the upper threshold at which most people could maintain comfort. For every degree lower your cooling costs will increase by 6 percent, so you might want to consider setting the thermostat at 78. Keep the AC even lower at nights or completely turn it off if possible. Do the same when nobody’s home. If you don’t like coming to a hot house, invest in a programmable thermostat and save yourself the trouble.

Service your unit regularly

If you want your AC device to be effective and efficient, regular maintenance is a must. Clogged, dirty filters block the normal flow and reduce a system’s efficiency significantly. Routinely replace and clean your AC filters, advise Sydney-based specialists for air conditioning, since it lowers your air conditioner's energy consumption by 5% to 15%. Also, clean your air conditioner coils and unclog drain channels. You can do this by yourself, but it’s always safer to hire a professional. That little investment will pay off in no time.

Rearrange the furniture

It’s not a feng shui thing, it’s an energy saving requirement. Make sure your sofa or any other piece of furniture isn’t blocking the air conditioning vents. Avoid placing appliances which emit heat near the thermostat since it can sense the heat and cause your AC unit to run longer than necessary. So, move any lamp or TV set that’s too close to the thermostat. You should also invest in efficient lighting which runs cooler and doesn’t produce heat. Use the daylight instead of artificial lights, but do try to avoid direct sunlight since it can heat up your house significantly.

Use nature

If possible, turn off the AC device overnight. Open the windows and let the cool air overnight and then close windows in the morning to capture it. Plant shady trees outside of your house or at least invest in shades or blinds for your windows. Rely on the occasional breeze and ventilate your house naturally. The so-called chimney effect will cool down your house and prevent heat buildup which, again, can lower your cooling bills.
Air conditioning devices are almost unavoidable during the summer, but enormous electricity bills aren’t. Follow these tips and you’ll be able to get the most of your energy dollars and reduce energy waste at the same time.

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  1. Great tips about energy saving when using AC. I would like to add that by ensuring the filter is kept replaced or cleaned regularly. This will improve the ease of airflow and the system will not have to work as hard to circulate air.