Wednesday 28 September 2016

What to pay attention to when shopping for your perfect wedding shoes

With all the chaos and stress before your wedding day and so many tasks to tend to, many brides tend to neglect shopping for shoes and leave this task last. While there’s no doubt that it’s really difficult to organize yourself properly and avoid procrastination during the wedding preparations, shoes are actually one of the more important tasks. A nice pair will not only complete your whole bridal look but provide you with comfort and lightness of foot during the ceremony and reception.

Buy your shoes on time

No matter how busy you are, you have to make time and visit a few stores when searching for your wedding shoes, at least a couple of months before the wedding day. This is very important if you want to find a pair that would match your wedding gown perfectly as well as be comfortable on your feet. Moreover, you definitely need some time to break the shoes in, so make sure to check this step in time.

Try as many shoes as you need

Never buy your wedding shoes hastily. Take the time to visit different stores. There’s no rule that says you have to buy shoes in the same place as your wedding gown. If you look around, there’s better chance of finding the perfect pair that would go great with your wedding dress. Not to mention that there’s always a possibility of saving money simply by shopping around.

What’s comfortable for you

The wedding day is indeed a special day but that doesn’t mean that you have to force yourself into wearing shoes you’re not used to. On the contrary, you should focus your attention on finding shoes that match your general style and comfort zone. Finding shoes with small heels or flats that are still pretty elegant and gorgeous is easier than ever, with so many choices available in the stores. Still, if you’re used to wearing heels then, by all means, go for them, but still make sure that your feet feel secure and safe.

Consider your theme

Wedding themes are getting more and more interesting and bride and groom often incorporate certain details in their outfits in order to match the wedding’s splendor. Most often, the details are related to a colour scheme and the best way for a bride to incorporate this trend into her look is by wearing bold-coloured shoes. White and ivory are definitely not the only colours when it comes to wedding shoes so you might want to think about what pop of colour would be perfect for your wedding day as well.

The value of practicality

Before you decide to buy the most extravagant and glamorous pair of shoes, think about the value you’re getting for the money. The rising trend when it comes to wedding shoes in Australia is actually picking the shoes that would be wearable for many different occasions later on. That way you will get your money’s worth and successfully add to your wardrobe with an additional good-quality pair of shoes. In this regard you might want to rethink buying bright white shoes but actually opt for ivory, champagne, nude or some other colours that would match more outfits. 

Remember, buying shoes for your wedding day is as important as buying your dress. Apart from finding your perfect style shoes you also have to search for comfort which can take some time. Still, patience and stress-relieving techniques during the period prior to the wedding can greatly improve your mood and encourage you to finish up all the tasks as soon as possible as well as to organize your schedule more efficiently.

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