Thursday 10 November 2016

Don't Let Your Car Become A Deathtrap

Did you know that driving is more dangerous than flying? It’s true with millions of crashes and fatalities on the road occurring every year. That’s why you need to take the threat seriously and think about how you keep your children safe in the car. Most of the things you can do will be small changes to how you approach driving. We can look at a few below.

Don’t Argue With Kids In The Car

It’s important that you don’t let your children drag you into an argument while you’re driving. This can be a dangerous distraction, and if your children do become disruptive, you need to find a place to safely pull over. Make sure that you resolve the situation before getting back on the road. There are plenty of incidents that have occurred because a parent has been focusing on the child, not the road.

Check Your Vehicle Before Use

It’s so easy to miss a dangerous issue with your vehicle if you’re not completing the right checks. Most of these aren’t even major checks, and they will take you no more than a few seconds. For instance, you can examine tyre pressure by giving them a firm kick. If you feel any give, it could point to a problem.

Ensure Child Seats Are Fitted Properly

Do remember that child seats are only safe if they have been fitted securely. You must check this if you have a little one in the back. Most child seats will click securely into place. If you don’t hear the click, it won’t be secure. The infographic below has all the info you could need if you are a parent.

Infographic Credit: buying a child safety seat

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