Friday 4 November 2016

The Ideal Gift Basket For The Employer

Although it's not a requirement, giving a gift basket to an employer is always a nice surprise. Executive gift baskets are ideal for holidays or special occasions, such as birthdays or a retirement celebration. You don't want to give something that's too large as it might make the employer think that you've done something wrong or that you're trying to stand out from others in the business. Find out what the employer likes, and create a basket with those few items, placing everything in a wicker basket or one that is made of wood as these often have more of a charming appearance to them.

Almost half of adults drink coffee, so making a coffee gift basket is an option. You want to use a basket that might be able to hold coffee supplies at home instead of a simple basket that would get tossed aside. Include a gift card to a favorite coffee house as well as mugs and a few different blends of coffee. Don't forget a coffee scoop and even a few filters.

Many people enjoy using technology. Whether it's a phone or a computer, you'll find that creating a basket with technological items in it is a good idea. Consider adding a gift card for iTunes or Google Play. A flash power bank is also a good option, especially if the person spends an exceptional amount of time on the phone. A personalized phone case is something else to consider, even if it has only the name or initials on the case. Include a cleaning set for the screen and ear buds so that the person can clean the device.

You can't go wrong with a wine and cheese gift basket. Even if the person isn't an avid wine drinker, there is usually an occasion when a glass of wine is appreciated. Add various cheeses, crackers and wine glasses to the basket to give a delightful selection. You could also add a box of candy or cookies to enjoy as well as sweet treats often go well with wine. A gift card to a favorite restaurant could also be added.

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