Wednesday 30 November 2016

Where To Find Your Mary Poppins

If you're struggling with finding a good, trustworthy house cleaner, maybe you're not looking in the right place!

Word of mouth
One of the most popular ways to find a cleaner is by word of mouth. This means speaking to a friend, or a member of the family that has had first-hand experience with a cleaner. It's common because most people feel a sense of security if their friend or family recommends someone. It's almost like speaking to the cleaners reference on their CV. They will either praise them or tell you to keep looking. At least you know you will be getting an honest opinion.

Shop window
Adverts get put up in shop windows, (mostly supermarkets) and many of these are either a cleaning company or an individual cleaner. The advert normally has the cleaners contact information written down and also a brief paragraph about themselves and where they are based.

Local paper
Similar to the shop window, adverts can be put in the local paper. They are usually placed on the last couple of pages of the newspaper and also have a very brief description along with their contact details.

Are there any cleaners at your workplace you're friendly with? You could ask them if they work for an agency or themselves, (though most cleaners that clean in the workplace e.g. offices and schools, tend to come from a big agency.) So if that's the case, what is the name? Where are they advertised?

The web is huge, so you're not going to get short of finding a cleaner here. Whether you are looking for a freelance cleaner, a company or even someone just trying to make extra bucks, you have an endless list of options.

There are even virtual ways to find a top notch cleaning company like this cashless home cleaning using Whizz app, you don't even need to get your money out because you pay securely through the apps booking process beforehand. You mark what you have to clean in your house, such as the number of rooms and bathrooms. And they will find you someone suitable for what you need. This is a quick, easy and reliable new way of living.

How much?
The cost of a home cleaner depends on what you're willing to pay.
The average price is around $10 - $15 per hour. But you can find cheaper, and a lot more expensive!
If you are going through a company service, then they will usually have set prices per hour.
If you choose a freelance cleaner, they will either have a price in mind already, or you may be able to discuss it together.

Having a ‘successful’ cleaner really depends on what you're looking for. Is speed what's important to you? Or manners? Or trust? Or just someone that does the job well to the highest standard?
Think about this so when you do find someone, you know what questions to ask them, (if any).

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