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Free New Years Printables

Here is a great printable New Years pack full of educational activities to print off for the little ones:   New Years bingo is a great activity for the family:

Kids Are Interested in Plastic Surgery & How Parents Can Handle This

Some adults might deal with body image concerns, but you may not think young children experience this. The sad truth is that this is drastically changing. Recent surveys around the world, including one in the UK , found that kids as young as three years of age are worried about their bodies and image. This is the reason why kids are becoming interested in plastic surgery, but the question boils down to whether a parent should allow it or not. What Drives Kids to Plastic Surgery? There are many factors that might lead children to plastic surgery like the following: Media promoting unrealistic beauty goals Peers may be bullying a child Not highlighting a child's good features or skills, which could build self-esteem You can do something about these issues to help ensure that your child does not seek out such a drastic solution. Why Should a Child's Body Image be Taken Seriously? It is easy to dismiss your child's body image issues as a phase or

How to Host a Fundraiser for Your Child’s School

Fundraising can be a major part of building a successful and supportive learning environment for your child at school. Not only does it help provide learning materials for your child, but it also teaches them about community and working together to meet a goal. As a parent, you may get tired of the same fundraisers of selling candy bars or coupon books, so what can you do to help bring a more creative fundraiser to your child’s school? The Basics of Organizing a Successful Fundraiser The biggest part of organizing a fundraiser is gathering a team of supportive parents who want to help their school so their children benefit as well. Before you start asking around, though, you need a solid plan in place. You should have a plan that specifies how the money will be spent and what the result will be. If you are raising money for a playground, for instance, have a rough sketch of your team’s vision for donors to look at. After that, it’s time to get organized. Have calenda

How To Select The Right Dentist For Your Child

If you're like most parents, you care about your child's dental health. As such, you want to be sure that you can find the ideal dentist for your young girl or boy. If you fail to complete the selection process carefully, you could wind up choosing an individual who adversely impacts their oral hygiene or simply leaves them feeling scared and uncomfortable during the appointment. With these realities in mind, it's important that you complete the review process carefully to ensure that you locate a dentist who is "a good fit" for your child. Learn more about how to make it happen by referring to the information found in the quick reference guide that appears below: How To Find The Right Pediatric Dentist When you begin looking for the right dentist for your child, remember that offering excellent pediatric care requires specialized training and sensitivity. Also remember that you should never simply send the child to your dentist unless she or he specialize

Plasmart Watermelon Ball

Get your UNDERWATER game on!   The Watermelon Ball is neutrally buoyant and looks, feels, and behaves like a real watermelon in water! You can dribble, kick, pass and easily intercept the Watermelon Ball - even under water! Play Watermelon Ball versions of basketball, soccer, keep-away and more! Pass up to 10 feet underwater and even bounce the Watermelon Ball off pool walls for trick passes and winning moves! Visit Plasmart for more information and amazing products! Also follow them on Facebook and Twitter !  Check out this video to see the Watermelon Ball in action! I can see this as a great gift to give the kids if your staying at a hotel with a pool this year. You don't always have to have sunny weather to enjoy a good game of Watermelon Ball!

Maximum Ride Review

  PREPARE TO TAKE FLIGHT WITH THE FEATURE FILM ADAPTATION OF JAMES PATTERSON’S WILDLY POPULAR BOOK SERIES MAXIMUM RIDE   Epic Sci-Fi Adventure Arrives on DVD December 6, 2016                         TORONTO, Ont. – Based on the phenomenal bestselling book series by acclaimed author James Patterson, MAXIMUM RIDE takes flight on DVD December 6, 2016 from Paramount Home Media Distribution.  Patterson’s book series spent 144 weeks on the New York Times best seller list, has sold over 20 million books worldwide, and has spawned 11 Manga comics.  The film brings to life the extraordinary journey of six DNA-enhanced young orphans with the ability to fly who are on a mission to rescue the youngest of their flock while discovering the diabolical, scientific secrets of how they came to exist.  Their leader is Max, wise beyond her years, who must summon all her courage and acumen to outmaneuver the brutal half-human/half-wolf creations known as “Erasers”, confront her ow

Wait! What You Need To Do Before You Move Your Family Into A New Home

When we get the keys to a new home, it’s easy to want to move everything in straight away. After all, you can’t wait to make your new home perfect for your family. However, it’s so important that you do a few things in the home before the kids arrive. Otherwise, their health could potentially get put in jeopardy. Therefore, here are some things you must do before you move your family into a new home.                     flickr Check for damp and mold You would hope that any issues in the property would have been spotted when you had your survey. But it’s easy for things to be missed; especially if you go for a simple survey. Therefore, it’s so important that you do a thorough search yourself when you get the keys to your new home. You need to look out for any signs of damp or mold in your home. Peeling wallpaper, damp walls, and a musty smell are all signs of damp. Therefore, if you do see any of these, it’s best to get a specialist to come out to your home. They will be able

The Ghost of Home Maintenance Future: What You Need To Know

Image Source The chores list just keeps growing, and you just keep pretending it doesn't exist. Hey - no judgement here! We've all done it. We know there is a long, seemingly endless list of things we've been meaning to do - but, well, Netflix exists? So why not just watch some more Netflix? There's always better things to do than the things we have to. It's like being back at school, ordered around and our energy demanded in certain areas - only this time, it comes internally. Home maintenance is one of those things that goes on the to-do list. We think of all the things we should do. We tour around our home looking at all the things we should do. And then we say... no, not today. We punt it off into the forgettable tomorrow; a tomorrow which, of course, will involve us moving it to the next day. So remember how I said no judgement? Don't worry, I meant it - this is a sin humanity as a whole is guilty of. However, I'm going to take the role of th

How to deal with the self-esteem pitfall after giving birth!

  The Instagram Effect: The Pressure of Perfection Our relationship with social media is definitely a love/hate one. As much as we enjoy seeing what’s up with our friends and our favorite celebrities, its also takes a toll on our self-esteem. New moms see celebrities shedding baby weight within a few weeks; fitness models that further promote their tight abs, cellulite-free, stretchmark-free bodies. Then you have friends competing with one another… there’s Stephanie with her workout selfie, in yoga pants and sports bra, stroller jogging with the baby. She has 300 likes and 30 “Go girl!” comments. You still struggle to lose the muffin top and it’s been 6 months since you gave birth. It’s pressure! Pregnancy, particularly the first one, can leave some women’s bodies virtually unrecognizable, and the attitude that women have to look perfect during and immediately after it, is widely perpetuated by celebrities and #instagramfamous new mommies. “Seeing beautiful,

How To Make Reading Fun!

Reading builds a child’s vocabulary by introducing them to new words, allowing them to learn about the world around them. It’s very important that children have fun while reading , because if they enjoy it, they are more likely to become life-long readers. Here are a variety of ways to make reading fun. 1.  Reading with dogs : There’s a new trend in literacy instruction that is having a very positive impact—reading to dogs! Reading to these calm, non-judgmental animals is a fantastic way for reluctant readers to gain confidence.  Rather than the nerve-wracking prospect of reading in front of a whole class of peers, struggling readers have the opportunity to read to a friend who will always listen, never criticize, and is soft and furry to boot. Do you have a calm, gentle pet that is content to sit quietly for long periods of time? Cats and rabbits can work very well for this purpose too. It will improve your child’s confidence when reading aloud, and may just become one