Monday 19 December 2016

Keeping The Kids Entertained With Crafts This Festive Season

With the winter days well and truly around us at the moment, many of us are finding that we are constantly cooped up with our families at this time of year. When we haven't seen certain family members for a while, gathering under the same roof at Christmas time can be really special. But, this can also get very stressful after a few days, especially if your home is already small. All those extra bodies in one house, especially if you are confined to the indoors because of the weather, can create the perfect environment for family arguments. No one wants to fall out around Christmas, but it is safe to say that one of the main causes of family stress around this time of year is boredom. The days can feel very long when you're all cooped up together, and children can start getting restless and misbehaving as a result of this. 

Even the most imaginative of children need a bit of mental stimulation from time to time to keep them occupied, and this is where crafts come in. Before the holiday season kicks in with full force, make sure you have all the craft equipment you need to make sure your younger relatives or children can be kept busy from noon to midnight all Christmas.

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Glue gun

Most crafts involve a lot of cutting and sticking. If your family are already into crafting, you've probably lost count of the amount of glue sticks you've gone through in your home. The problem with glue sticks is that they are not always that effective, especially when it comes to building something particularly intricate. But super glue and PVA can both be messy and dangerous in the hands of children, so it's no wonder that most parents try to avoid giving it to their kids. A safer and more viable alternative is a hot glue gun - although as with any kind of glue, you will still need to supervise your children while they use it. 

Glue guns come in plenty of different sizes and their main benefit is that the glue dries really fast, meaning they are ideal for quick crafting. You can explore the range of glue guns from Glue Guns Direct before you decide which one is suitable for your family's needs. You are not just limited to crafts either when it comes to your glue gun. There are all sorts of different things you can do with them, such as fixing the hems on clothing to mending things like picture frames.  

Cutting mat

If your children are keen crafters, there's only one way to prevent your kitchen table getting carved up beyond repair, and that's with a good cutting mat. You can get giant A2 ones suitable for covering a whole table, or you can get smaller ones that can be used individually. Many are made of foam or other protective materials and some feature measurement grids so there's no need for rulers and tape either. 

Make sure whichever one you choose is non-slip, so that there's no risk of your little ones slip and cut themselves with something sharp. Some of these mats are even 'self-healing' - meaning that if they are impaled by some kind of sharp tool, they will revert back to their original state after anyway.

This is the perfect cutting mat for all activities! 
Safety scissors

Chances are even the most vigilant of parents can't keep their eyes on their children 24/7. Christmas especially is such a busy time, and with everything there is to think about it can often bring you peace of mind if you know that the things your kids are playing with are safe. With this in mind, you should always invest in a selection of children's safety scissors for your little ones to craft with. These scissors feature plastic blades rather than metal ones - so your children will be able to cut paper and card without the risk of accidentally harming themselves. After all, no parent wants to limit their child's creativity. But on the same note, no parent also wants to put their children at risk. 

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When your child is ready to move on from safety scissors (perhaps when they are a little older) but aren't quite ready to use sharp blades, upgrade to steel children's scissors. Although the blades are metal, meaning that they can be sharp, the ends are blunt and they have easy-grip handles. Therefore they are a viable option for children who perhaps need a stronger blade than safety scissors can provide. However, when working with any kind of blade, children should always be supervised.

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