Monday 23 January 2017

BOLDFACE - The coolest backpack ever!

BOLDFACE ( has married technology with backpacks to allow parents to create their own on-demand one-of-a-kind backpack in under 5 minutes! Backpack images are photo quality. Now mom and dad can chuck that tacky t-shirt with their kid on it and rock something really cool!

BOLDFACE backpacks come with interchangeable "faces" that can be swapped out in seconds, providing consumers with the ability to completely change the look of their backpack. When junior grows older, mom and dad can just make a new "face" and replace the old one of junior in seconds!  

Consumers no longer must take what global backpack producers shove down their throat. Consumers are now empowered to express themselves by creating their own backpack, providing them the utility of a traditional backpack with a platform for self expression.

When consumers grow tired of their backpack they need not purchase a new backpack. They only need to create a new "face."

BOLDFACE is the WORLD'S ONLY maker of on-demand customized backpacks with interchangeable faces.

The BOLDFACE backpack was born out of the frustration founder and inventor Randy Fenton had finding a backpack for his finicky daughter. Randy had launched BOLDFACE a year earlier. At the time it only produced guitar bags using the same on-demand customization technology with interchangeable faces. Randy tinkered with backpack designs, beta testing several versions before finalizing the design this summer.

BOLDFACE allows consumers to upload their images using a widget. The widget provides consumers with the ability to position the image as desired, producing a one-of-a-kind backpack.

BOLDFACE backpacks are perfect for students, parents and professionals. If you can capture it on a digital image you can BOLDFACE IT!

Recently BOLDFACE entered into an agreement with Live Nation to produce backpacks for musical acts. BOLDFACE has launched a line of backpacks for Foo Fighters ( and The Voice winner Sawyer Fredericks ( BOLDFACE expects to launch lines for at least 10 more musical acts by the holidays and nearly 100 top musical acts by spring 2017. All lines will feature multiple designs and interchangeable faces.

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