Tuesday 17 January 2017

Look to the Future and Save Money

When you’re trying to save money, you instantly look towards the initial price of a product. That’s just the way we as humans work; we look for a bargain, or an offer, and usually take advantage of it. Sometimes it can work out for the best as we giddily walk out of the store, overwhelmed and impressed at our ‘steal’. Other times, it can backfire without so much as a second thought to how it could have done so.

This isn’t to say that what you have bought wasn’t cheap at the time. Sometimes we forget that certain products need particular attention, and that they can incur extra charges in the long run. With that, here are the main two things that people tend to forget cost more than you bargained for.

A Dog is for Life

This is probably the most extreme case of not realising that something needs upkeep. Whereas many people factor in the toys, treats and food that a pet requires, they are often so preoccupied with the thought of having a new bundle of fluff to play with that they forget the main drain of money: veterinary bills. When you neglect important vaccinations and checkups, this can also catch up in the long run if your pet needs extra care later on due to the negligence of the aforementioned things - and this is before taking into consideration other factors like where your dog is going to go while you are at work or on holiday. Even if a pet is given away for free, think about the implications of what you are taking on before you commit to giving it a home.

You’ve Been Doing it Wrong

When it comes to coffee, everybody has an opinion. You’re grinding the beans wrong, you’re adding too much milk, you shouldn’t be adding milk at all - the list is endless. One thing that the majority of people are getting very wrong is the care of their coffee machine. It may be cleaned out regularly, the finest quality beans may be being used and the machine turned on just a couple of times a day, but there’s nothing that you can do to protect the lifespan of this piece of kit unless the water going into it is right. Scale buildup is common in hard water areas, and you may want to consider purchasing a water softener to give your coffee machine a break. If nothing else it may be saving you money in the long run - two-thirds of callouts to a broken down machine is due to the mineral scale buildup.

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